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5 and sassy

My oldest daughter turned 5 last week. I think it is a requirement of 5 year old girls to have some sort of sassy edge to them. Of course, she isn't always sassy. Like the night a few days before her birthday when she cried because she didn't want to get older. 

But then there are days like this. Days when I'm trying to get a decent picture and this is the best I can get.

Wow. How old is she? 13? 

She is a girly girl. I'm not sure where she got it. I'm pretty sure nobody would ever say I'm a girly girl. Okay, I do wear the occasional pink sweater or shirt, but the point is that she is an individual. This is the birthday shirt she insisted on. The one I had in my shop wasn't "pretty enough" for her tastes. Then there are the matching pink pants with the pink ruffle down the side. I have to say that they were actually painful to make because they are so far from my style. But, she loves them so they are a success. They are definitely girly and pink! 

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  1. says

    Good for you for letting her choose her own style.. it’s not easy ;o) The shirt and pants are darling. I’m a girly girl, so is my daughter who’ll be turning 9 soon. The time flys too fast :( Enjoy the day!

  2. says

    OMG! I have one on the fast track to the teenage years too! I love her outfit. I am looking for ideas for my daughter’s birthday outfit. This is so cute!! Great job!

  3. Jasmine says

    I believe that she got her girlie girl tendencies from her dad. You know how he likes those romantic comedies. I bet he whispered to her “Tell mom to make the shirt pinker!” Yay, happy birthday to her!

  4. D'Linda Laird says

    The pants with the ruffle are really cute. You went through stages of being a girly girl, but they were far and few between. Will probably never see you put pink sponge curlers in your girls hair though.

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