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4 great metal frame purse tutorials

Metal purse frames are often scary or mysterious. Fortunately these metal frame purse tutorials are easy to follow. These are the best tutorials!

4 easy coin purse tutorials

You can make one of these coin purses with ease! Learn how to make one of these cute metal frame purses by following one of these four fantastic tutorials! I’ve made a few and I think the key is using the right glue! I use Original Guetermann Textil Glue (sponsored link). It is not cheap but it does the best job! These are my 4 favorite tutorials. 

great metal frame purse tutorials

Click these links corresponding with the numbers above to get the tutorial!

  1. Ruffled coin purse by Flamingo Toes
  2. Liberty coin purse by Purl Bee
  3. Typewriter coin purse by Caila Made
  4. Scalloped coin purse by Sew Caroline for Sew Mama Sew


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