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30 Chore Chart Systems

30 tried and true chore chart methods

Let me start off by saying we haven’t had “chores” in our house for quite some time. We used to have a fantastic system and for some reason we fell away from it. I just make a list when things need to get done and assign the tasks to whoever is home. However, I really do need a good chore system. I found these ones below and they all seem to be winning ideas, depending on your family. There is no one-size-fits-all chore chart system. Use what works for you!

30 tried and true chore chart systems

  1. Instant gratification chart – Kids get instant rewards for doing their chores. This family doesn’t pay for chores on Saturdays and the reason is really interesting!
  2. Simple printable chore chart - We used this for years with lots of success!
  3. Chore ring – This is a really simple system. Perfect for families that just want something easy.
  4. DIY stone jar system – Make a lovely chore system that doubles as functional and decorative!
  5. Baking pan chart –Perfect for kids! This is visual and tactile and is sure to be used regularly.
  6. Washi tape board – Perfect for anyone crafty. This is a fun little visual system that kids will surely love.
  7. Mailbox system – They’ve got chore mail!
  8. Chore sticks – Simple and no fuss. This idea will keep them motivated without the extra added time of charts and complicated systems.
  9. To-do board - Simple DIY system that is easy to understand and change as needed.
  10. Spinning chore chart – Who wouldn’t love this? Fun to the max.
  11. Clothes pin chore jars - Make cute clothes pins to create an easy system for little ones.
  12. Dry erase printable chart – Print these cute charts, put them in a frame and use dry erase markers. Cute and easy.
  13. Work for hire – After they’ve finished their everyday chores they can do extra to earn some money. Great if you have extra tasks you need completed!
  14. Printable charts – Tailor a chore chart to suit your needs. These are all great.
  15. Scratch-off chore chart – This one is WORK but if you love getting crafty this one is for you. 
  16. iAllowance – Fantastic iPhone/iPad app that tracks chores, allowance, stars, savings, and more for kids. This is really fantastic. We’re just starting and loving it.
  17. Dry erase printable – Set up for back-to-school, but super cute for any day!
  18. Ice cream chart – Do you sew? This one is really fun and visual for small kids. Stack the ice cream scoops!
  19. Magnet photo chart – Simple laminated and magnetized chore chart.
  20. DIY chore wall - Another good looking chore chart you can make!
  21. Monster chart – Put a cookie in the monster’s mouth when you complete a chore. FUN!
  22. Photographic chores – Visual for all the non-readers. Brilliant!
  23. Sticky note chore chart - simple and easy to use! Great system.
  24. Button system –A button economy is fun for any household!
  25. Good behavior and chore chart – watch the clothes pins move toward the goal!
  26. Chore dice – Roll the dice to see what is your chore for the day. Great fun!
  27. Chore punch card - Punch a hole when they complete a chore. Watch the chore card fill up!
  28. Doorknob chore card – This great chart hangs from a doorknob. Just write the chores on clothes pins and move them from “to do” to “done” when a task is completed. 
  29. Chore line – a cute take on a laundry line. Fun for kids and looks cute.
  30. Printable chore chart – 20 free printable charts.

How do you handle chores at your house?

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