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25 Outdoor Games for Kids

25 Outdoor Games to Make for Kids - I'm definitely making some of these!This last week, we spent quite a bit of time outdoors! We’ve been loving the warm spring weather and are looking forward to even more summer fun! My family has always been a huge fan of outdoor games like Ladder Ball and Corn Hole. These are fun DIY games. We decided to round up 25 creative outdoor games to keep you and your kiddos busy all Summer long!

1. Pool Noodle Race Track

Pool Noodles are crazy cheap and so easy to use to create fun games like this fun race track! I can imagine my kids would have so much fun racing cars.

Pool Noodle Race Track DIY

2. Giant Kerplunk

This is such a fun and unique game that I haven’t seen in ages. This is it in its giant form! Giant Kerplunk is lots of fun for the whole family!

Giant Kerplunk

3. Angry Birds Game

Have you played the game Angry Birds?? It’s kind of addicting! Imagine playing this giant outdoor version.

Angry Birds Game

4. Balloon Race

This is so simple, yet so perfect!! Racing colorful balloons filled with water… If you drop a balloon, you’ll instantly feel a bit cooler!

Balloon Race

5. Ring Toss Game

This is such a great game for kids of all ages! Not only is it fun, but ring toss will help improve hand-eye coordination as well!

DIY Ring Toss

6. Corn Hole

We love corn hole! This DIY version is so bright and fun! If you’ve never played, you are missing out… so get your DIY on and have some fun!


7.  DIY Sprinklers

Are you not dying to make these fun sprinklers?? You can totally make fun PVC sprinklers for about $25!! We’re definitely putting these sprinklers on our outdoor to-do list this Summer!

PVC Sprinklers

8. Balloon Dart Board

Get your kids out there practicing their aim with this fun Balloon Dart Board!! We’ve also seen this done with balloons filled with paint… Turn a game into a little bit of artwork!

Balloon Dart Board

9. Hopscotch and Other Chalk Games

Classic outdoor games like hopscotch are also fun! Check out some other fun games you can do with chalk.

Hopscotch and other Chalk Games

10. Giant Jenga

Do your kids love building towers and tearing them down?? Here is a more constructive way to build and tear down… Giant Jenga!!!


11. Frisbee Tic Tac Toe

This is such a unique game. It will definitely take some practice for the kids to get good at this game, which means more time outdoors!

Frisbee Disc Golf Tic Tac Toe

12. Pool Noodle Croquet

Get those kids exercising and having fun with Pool Noodle Croquet

Pool Noodle Croquet

13. Human Board Game

Creative and fun, kids will enjoy making this human board game. The cool thing is that it is totally different every time!

Human Board Game

14. Pool Noodle Games

All kinds of fun games can be played with pool noodles! Check out how to make some really creative games like this one!

Pool Noodle Games

15. Lawn Scrabble

Take the board game outside and mix up the fun with scrabble! Education and fun combined!

Lawn Scrabble

16. Rock Dominoes

Dominoes are so fun… There are a million different games you can play with dominoes inside and out!

Rock Dominoes

17. Pool Prize Search

Party game anyone?? Kids of all ages can use their investigating skills to find whatever you might hid in the pool! 

Pool Prize Search

18. Crazy Cans Game

Love the colors and the game and kids will too! Another fun DIY game that is perfect for kids of all ages.

Crazy Cans Game

19. Monster Bean Bag Toss

Monsters make everything more fun! You can make these fun bean bag toss monsters. Or be creative and make it your own.

Monster Bean Bag Toss

20. Yard Yahtzee

A fun alternative to Yahtzee… take it outdoors!

Yard Yahtzee

21. Use Your Noodle Game

I love this unique idea. This requires some hand-eye coordination, but is a load of fun once the kids get the hang of using their noodles!

Use Your Noodle

22. Ladder Ball

Another family favorite! Ladder Ball is super easy to make and even easier to play. Get your game on!

Ladder Ball


23. Twister

This is a huge twist on twister. How fun would it be?? Check it out to see what they used to make this fun little mess!


24. Bean Bag Toss

Another creative twist on the bean bag toss. This one adds a little challenge to the game!

Ring Toss

25. Washer Toss

If you want to try tossing something else besides bean bags, washers will definitely be a new challenge.

Washer Game


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