Felt Advent Calendar Tutorial

Today I’m over at Skip to My Lou as part of the Bake Craft Sew & Crochet Along. I am sharing a felt advent calendar that is perfect for the holidays. Keep it for yourself or make it as a gift! In fact, you won’t want to miss all the handmade gift ideas! I have joined over 100 bloggers to share some amazing homemade gift ideas……..AND I get to be part of an amazing sewing giveaway too. Keep reading…


This is one sew AMAZING! She is a beauty and her name is Rachel.

1.1One lucky winner will receive…
this amazing Baby Lock Sewing Machine ($799 Value)
Ready to take your sewing to the next level? The Baby Lock Rachel is the star of any sewing class, and she’s here to help you. This computerized sewing machine is equipped with 50 stitches and push-button features to make every project easier. The value is $799. Click here for more details.
Simply wait for RaffleCopter to load and enter there!

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  1. Jenny O'Leary says

    I’m trying to enter to win this sewing machine , I’m not sure if I’m doing it correctly . I don’t have my own website or am I on pinterest. I was really into sewing when I was in high school & a little in my early 20th , now I have I beautiful daughter I would love to get into again & the perfect way would be with this machine . Thank u , Jenny

  2. Patricia Hughes says

    this is a beautiful machine, all the wonderful things I could create on it. My grandkids would be so happy..

  3. brittany Rivers says

    I am in love with this giveaway. <3 I've been needing a sewing machine for over 10 year now. But with children and bills I've never been able to afford one. Its all been hand sewing from here. Fingers crossed so tight on this… And good luck to everyone else.

  4. Carolyn Osborne says

    I’ve worn out my 4th machine. Just thinking I need to start looking before time to start dance costumes for my daughters’ recital. This would be a blessing indeed! Thank you for the opportunity. Hope whoever wins is truly blessed by your generosity.

  5. Connie says

    I would so love to win this. I have several old old machines and none work well now… I have never owned a computerized machine. Must be a dream to use.

  6. Derenda Laws says

    I would love to win this for my granddaughter. She is 14 years old and I have been teaching her to sew on my machine. When she goes home, she doesn’t have a machine to work with. I am retired and living on a fixed income doesn’t leave me with money for costly purchases. Winning this machine for her would wonderful.

  7. Amber Gaerlan says

    I would LOVE to win this. We are moving soon to the.country and I will have lots of time on my hands to get some sewing done

    • Amber Gaerlan says

      Best homemade gift I’ve received was probably the growth chart my 3 yr old made.me at preschool or the picture frame my little girl scout made me for mothers day.

  8. Cari says

    The best handmade gift I ever received was a art quilt my grandmother made. After she died my grandfather picked out one of her quilts to give to each of us. I have it hanging above my sewing machine as inspiration.

  9. Yo says

    …..best homemade gifts were handmade cards, made.by my friends all over the US and Canada! I have them all in a box, saved FOREVER! Friends that made them, I have never met face to face, but we have been friends for years! THANKS INTERNET!!!

  10. Julie B says

    My favorite handmade gift came from my son. He didn’t have much money. So he used things he had to make me an artificial Bonsai tree.

  11. KiM osborne says

    My favorite handmade gift was from my grandmother. She sewed great things for all of her family. I remember a beautiful outfit she gave me for Easter.

  12. Amber says

    Hmm… the best handmade gift anyone has ever given me… I would have to say a a simple doll dress my mum made for me when I was young. My mum didn’t know how to sew outside of some high school classes she had taken years ago, so the dress didn’t make it to my adulthood, but it did ignite my curiosity to learn how to sew for myself. I picked up my grandmother’s antique singer, and started at it. Not long after, I was given a Necchi, and I have been using it since then. Now, I love my Necchi, but she is old and doesn’t do much outside a straight stitch, zig zag stitch, and mutilated button holes. I dream of having a machine as sophisticated as this!

  13. Kate Oliver says

    I’ve received many homemade gifts from my mom and they are all special, it’s hard to pick just one. My favorite would be an adoption doll she made when I was little.

  14. Bonnie says

    The best homemade gift came from my Mom… and it was just a embroidery kit I didn’t want to stitch and gave to her to stitch to pass time as she recieved her chemo treatments.. She stitched it with love and gave the lady with flowers back to me… Mom passed a short time later and every day I look at this last project my Mom completed and know she will always be in my heart.

  15. Andrea Quintero says

    Sorry. I didn’t say what my best homemade gift was! My appliquéd strawberry shortcake pillow case i received when I was just a little girl. I still have it! :)

  16. says

    I love all the handmade gifts I have gotten but what holds a very special place in my heart is all my christmas decorations my grandmother gave me. This year putting them up will be bitter sweet as she past away in May.

  17. mary groeber says

    My mom made all 11 of her kids a personalized quilt. I helped her with the quilts for my siblings. She woud not let me help wirh mine. Best gift ever.

  18. Tina C. says

    Bet handmade gift I ever recieved was a Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired prom gown. I’ve never felt so elegant.

  19. Stephanie B says

    Handmade baby outfits and blankets. I’ve gotten rid of everything else, but the hand knit or hand sewn items will stay forever.

  20. Maryanne W says

    A hand crocheted table cover from my grandmother for my wedding gift!
    Loved it then and still love it today!!

  21. Maria says

    the best handmade gift I’ve received lately is a sewn rice/ice bag. Ever would have been the dresses my grandmother lovingly made me growing up.

  22. says

    Is this open for International entries? If not, and if I was lucky enough to win, can I ‘gift’ it to a friend in the USA?

    The most memorable handmade gift I remember getting was a bag in a swap from a friend I’ve not yet met ;) Plus all the extra handmade goodies she included that were not part of the swap.


  23. Glenda B says

    The best homemade item I ever received was hand-stitched Barbie clothes my mama made for me. She sat for hours stitching all those little pieces together by hand because we couldn’t afford a sewing machine.

  24. Fiona R says

    The best handed gift I received was a gorgeous tweed purse with purple silky lining – just breathtaking! Hope to win!

  25. kalley sherman says

    Me and my husband love doing homemade stuff for each other!. The best and most memorable thing I received was a handmade clock my husband made for me our very first Christmas together. He incorporated our love for music with it and now it’s hanging in our little boys room (he loves clocks). Homemade gifts are so wonderful and always have wonderful sentimental value in our family.

  26. Derle says

    I lost my sewing machine in a storage unit mix-up and due to an unexpected forced retirement cannot afford a new one. This would be greatly appreciated to make some extra money.

  27. SHeIla das says

    Yes pls. Will not be able
    To own a baby lock in the near future. With everything
    Going on in our life. A baby lock will sure left my spirit (some what)

  28. Alicia says

    The best handmade gift I ever received was a baby blanket from my mother in law. My first daughter was her first grandchild!! :)

  29. Jamie larsen says

    Best hand made gift was from my daughters, now 3 & 4 (then 2 & 3) and they gave me christmas ornaments with theirs and prints painted on them and made to look like snowman heads :)

  30. Diana Allen says

    The quilt that I received from my grandma. It was an english flower garden quilt that she hand pieced. I remember her piecing it and watching tv, in the evenings. Still have it , and it has been well loved.

  31. Jenny Brooks says

    I would love to win this sewing machine! The best handmade gift I ever received (well, besides that pinecone turkeys and handprint turkeys my kids made in preschool!) was a quilt from my mom. She made beautiful quilts, and the ones I have now are my treasures.

    Jenny in Florida

  32. Melissa williams says

    The best handmade gift I ever received was my first Mother’s Day card from my full time step daughter. It meant the absolute world to me and still does a year and a half later. This would be a great win for both she and I as I love making costumes for her.

  33. Theresa says

    The best handmade gift I’ve received is from my hubby and twins on Mother’s Day. I’ve always said I don’t like getting flowers as they die, so they spent quality time together and made me flowers from construction paper and had them “planted” in wooden (handmade) planters. They are beautiful!

  34. Janet says

    Oh my gosh what a great giveaway! I was just struggling with my old machine last night and saying some not so nice words to it! This would be awesome to sew on a real machine that works!! Thanks for the chance to win ;c)

    • Janet says

      oops forgot to answer the question! The best handmade gifts received were Barbie clothes from my grandma. She made beautiful clothes and it was always a treat to visit as it seemed like she always had a new outfit ready for my barbies!

  35. Tabitha Klucking says

    My favorite homemade gifts are those that i get from my children. I can’t pick just one gift, because I have 3 girls and I love everything they’ve made me.

  36. Michelle says

    The best hand made gift I have ever received would be anything from my grandma. One year she knitted me a blanket, she asked me what color and I said “Any color, all colors”. So she just took all her yarn scraps and knitted one out of those. Loved it. :)

  37. Carrie says

    My first quilt – made by my grandmother, many many states away, and received when I was a child. I was the 26th [?] grandchild and not the last, and she made every one of us a quilt. I loved it until it fell apart, literally.

  38. says

    I’m the maker so I don’t generally get a lot of handmade things. It’s really really rare actually. Hopefully that will change as my children get older. I do love getting the handmade cards my husband’s grandmother sends me each year on my birthday though. :-)

  39. barbara widner says

    Hope Im not too late entering this giveaway. I would so love to have this. I really could use a new, better machine.

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