Unisex sewing patterns for kids!

New Pattern Anthology Collection!

Pattern Anthology is back with our 5th sewing pattern collection! This collection is all about unisex sewing patterns for kids. BUT WAIT! There’s some surprises in store as well! We’ve got 3 different buying options!

Amazing deal on the MAKE [BELIEVE] collection! Come see all the details!

We are so excited about the addition of our e-book to the collection. We’ve put together 8 fun patterns and activities that help encourage creative play. I can’t wait to tell you more about it soon! 

You can buy Package A with the MAKE [BELIEVE] patterns for the low price of $19.95 or for just $5 more you can buy package B with the fun MAKE BELIEVE ebook! And don’t forget to check out Package C! These fun unisex sewing patterns will help you sew all your kids’ school clothes. Perfect, comfortable patterns for running and playing and all sorts of creative fun!

Come read all about the new MAKE [BELIEVE] collection!

Take a browse around and don’t forget to check out the fun e-book we made as well!

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