Settling in for Winter

It’s WINTER here. Not winter, but WINTER. If it’s WINTER where you are then you probably feel like staying indoors and getting cozy. I prefer to stay inside and do something fun and warm. Cooking, baking and crafting with kids is always preferrable to playing in the snow. For me anyway.

If you need a little inspiration then consider the Handmade Winter e-book. It is 92 pages of recipes, craft projects and inspiration for spending time with family.


This was put together by a bunch of your favorite bloggers. You’ll recognize most of them like Jess, Shannon, Abby, Carla and Marigold.

Image 1

I could eat that photograph. Seriously.

Image 2

And that leather necklace is adorable! If I had time today, I’d make it.

Image 3

But these sewing projects are my favorite! That skirt is gorgeous and the ipad case is adorable! The skirt is for a girl but I’d make that for myself!

If you’re interested in seeing more about this e-book, you can head over to Handmade Winter to see the contents list and check it out!


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    Wow! Thanks for reviewing the book.
    And also I’m a fellow huge fan of Jess, Shannon, Abby, Carla and Marigold. They’re awesome! :)

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    Oh this is one of my favorite projects from the eBook (though you’re right – there are just SO many!!) And this may just be my new go-to present to make for birthdays, holidays – you name it! Thanks for the review :)