Outdoor decor that’s easy to change seasonally

I don't know about you, but I like decor that's low fuss. Nothing overly complicated or difficult/expensive. I was asked by Jo-Anns to write a post about #spookyspaces and I kept drawing a blank. I like Halloween. It's fun. The kids love it and my new neighborhood seems to really get into decorating. There are some pretty elaborate yards happening around me. But that just isn't me. Not right now, anyway. I wanted something easy but that wouldn't be a 2 week item and then stored for a year. 

So, I headed shopping and kept getting drawn to these cute baskets and all the fake flowers. But a basket with flowers doesn't really scream spooky. Except when you put fake cobwebs and spiders on them!

Voila! A budget smart decision! Some cute fake flowers, a basket for each side of my front door, and some fake cobwebs and spiders! This simple project will take me all the way through Winter, adding variety without breaking the bank.

But, that little bit of cobwebs wasn't really cutting it in the spooky department. So I pulled out a planter I had let the flowers die in. Perfectly spooky. Sometimes lazy pays off!

Yes, just right.

Add a little more cobwebs to the trees out front and we've got #spookyspaces!

The kids started squeeling when they saw the giant cobwebs. Who knew they were so exciting?

I ran out of fake spiders so I threw some bark into the cobwebs. Perfect. They look like dead bugs a giant spider trapped!

So, with a few dollars we got the place spookified and by November 1st it will be ready for the Thanksgiving flowers!

But my favorite part really is the fact that I don't have to feel guilty about the dead plants this week. WINNING!

Do you decorate for the seasons?




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    This is a great idea!! I could probably find a lot more dead plants than you :( I am super bad at cleaning up my yard because I am always in the house sewing lol. Thanks for the inspiration.

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