Fabric Stash Giveaway #2

Wow! Giveaway #1 is sure going strong! It's time to win more fabric! We've got fun girly fabrics up next!

Giveaway #2 : adorable coral, elastic smocked knit fabric and some cute pink ruffle fabric! (Go enter to win the giveaway at Flamingo Toes as well!)

Each of these pieces are just over one yard. Great for ruffle knit skirts, a little girl's top or even a dress!

What would you do with these fabrics? Don't forget about the huge pattern sale! There are a couple patterns in that bundle that would be great with these fabrics!

Contest open worldwide. Must be 18 or older. Contest closes Friday, October 4th at 8:00 p.m. EST. 

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  1. Kelly Hochstetler says

    I would make my daughter a dress or top with these fabrics! Love them! Thank you so much!

  2. Sara says

    I think I’d be making the other daughter a signature dress with that ruffle fabric, I already made my oldest one with turquoise ruffled fabric!

  3. says

    Well my girls would certainly adore anything I made from that! Skirts would be easiest, but there are so many possibilities!

  4. kelly t says

    My daughters birthday is the 4th of July, so I’m totally seeing a ruffly skirt or dress for her for next summer with the red & white fabric.

  5. says

    Skirts for the girls. Grace is now going through a “I won’t wear dresses” stage and needs skirts that her booty doesn’t hang out of!

  6. Mary says

    My 10 year old daughter wants some new tops, so I would probably make her some tops out of this fabric.

  7. says

    I’m not sure yet about the pink – but the red and white I could do a really cool candycane inspired hooded shirt… how cute for winter ;o)

  8. says

    Again, I don’t know, but I do have three girls, and the sewing is constantly happening over here for them, so this fabric would go to good use.

  9. Melinda says

    I would make my daughters a gorgeous ruffled skirt, and maybe a top out of the other. Thank you!!

  10. felicia says

    I haven’t ever used the ruffled fabric so I’d probably start with a simple skirt for my daughter

  11. says

    Definitely would have to make my not-niece a dress out of the white and pink. She’s not called the Pink Princess for nothing. :)
    Thanks for putting this giveaway on!

  12. Lettetia Elsasser says

    I would use this fabric for doll clothes for three special little girls I know.

  13. Hagridsmom says

    I’d make some nighties for some very dress-up crazed kids! They would love both of these.

  14. Brittany Anderson says

    Well, I am lucky enough to have 3 girls that love me to sew for them..I don’t know exactly what I would make, but I can PROMISE they would go to good use!!

  15. Michele N says

    I would probably make a skirt for my daughter with the ruffles and a tank or maxi dress with the smocked fabric. Or possibly something for me with the ruffles because I love the colors.

  16. Marcy D says

    I have 2 little girls and some special dollies that would love matchy match girl outfits with these yummy fabrics!

  17. Shaena Green says

    I would like to make a tunic top for my daughter she could wear in the winter! :) So cute!

  18. Andi S says

    I would definitely make some outfits for my niece. Possibly ruffle pants, a dress for sure!

  19. says

    I’d love to try cute little nappy covers with the ruffle fabric and a dress with the smocked – with a twirly skirt

  20. Susan M. says

    The ruffled fabric is perfect for a skirt for my granddaughter. Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. Lisa says

    If enough, I would love to make the ruffle fabric into a maxi skirt for my little one and a top with the other.

  22. Barb Colvin says

    The ruffle fabric would be great for a DGD’s skirt. The elastic smocked pink I’d need to think about that a while–I’m thinking bags…hmmm