Exploring Fall Fashion Trends for 2013

Can you believe it is September? Fall is right around the corner! We're dedicating this week to the Fall fashion trends of 2013. I don't really subscribe to the fashion scene or the idea that you should wear just the things that are"in" or created by well known designers. Though I do love looking at trends and colors and thinking about what suits my own style.


Whether you love Pantone's color predictions or not, they are usually fairly accurate for which colors will be popular in clothing. I can't wait to see some of what others are designing. Including you!! I think looking at trends is especially fun if you sew your own clothing. It's fun to get inspiration from what is modern and current. Not to make exact copycat designs, but to keep your own creativity flowing.

Tell me, do you enjoy following fashion trends? Do you like sewing modern clothes or more classic styles?

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