New house diary: choosing a chandelier & dining table

The new house is coming along. The small remodel should have been done weeks ago but I'm hopeful that it will be completely done this week. Or next week at the latest. Then I'll get the joy of moving in furniture and unpacking boxes. Right now we're basically just living in the bedrooms. I still need to pick out lighting for our living room and entry way but other than that all of my design decisions are complete.

Our oven gets installed today.

That is, quite possibly, the most exciting thing ever. I haven't been living in my own house with a working kitchen since June 14th. June 14th. Let that sink in a little.

I've been stalling on the lighting. First, it's not the most important thing and can be done anytime. Nothing else depends on it getting done. Second, I just can't decide. 

We have an old dining set that is nice but I am ready to sell it to a family who will love the abuse we've given it and get something more modern and possibly ecclectic. I can't decide about that either. Which is probably part of my problem with the lighting. So I've taken to Pinterest.

I really like all of this. Though it wouldn't really look quite as nice with a zillion chairs for a gaggle of kids and a practically windowless dining area. 

I love the size of this table and these chairs are awesome. The light is different and fun. Though I'd probably not buy this light.


I love the way this lighting hangs.

I'm sensing a trend here. Love these glass spheres and the way they hang. However, Though I have tended to shy away from the dark bronze.

This light is interesting. I actually have a bench similar in a breakfast nook. No overhead lighting, however. But I think this light would work in my dining room.

I've been eying this light and couldn't decide if it would collect cobwebs and be a pain to dust or it would just be really cool.

What style of lighting do you prefer?


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    Have you considered a dining set with bench seating options for the gaggle of kids? Based on the photos you’ve picked out, this is probably more traditional than you want, but it’s a starting point for doing lots of seating without having a heard of chairs. And it also gives you the option to spend a little more on the chairs you do buy.
    You might also find this lighting interesting. You might even be able to DIY this.

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