Make It Wear It Thursday

Welcome to Make It Wear It Thursday! Link up anything you made (sew, knit, crochet, glue, glitter) to be worn. Accessories count!

This week I've been busy sharing things I made last week. I've made 5 Beachy Boatnecks so far. The three I made for my son took only 90 minutes. And it is seriously one of my favorite patterns, ever. Then on Monday I shared a couple Carousel Tops I made my daughters. The Carousel Tops were seen in their natural habitat. Tuesday I shared a couple Boardwalk Skirts. I forgot to share this one. It is pretty much my favorite thing ever.

Kitchen skirt-5940

When I was making it I was a bit unsure about whether any of my girls would wear a skirt with kitchen gadgets on it. The always wise, Katy Dill, told me to attach a cute little charm to the skirt that can be hidden in a pocket. Well, I never got to the pocket but they love the key! You can find the Boardwalk Skirt pattern here.



  1. says

    This skirt is my favourite of the three, I think due to the contrasting red lace, followed closely by the red polka dot. Thanks, as always, for hosting.

  2. says

    Tx for hosting!
    I love your boatneck shirts, the green striped is my fafourite!
    And making 3 in 1,5 hrs is the best argument :)

  3. says

    That skirt makes me want a girl to sew for! So cute. I LOVE the boatneck tops, and may make a few of them for my boys in the future.
    Thanks for hosting!

  4. says

    I love the skirt and the fact that you added lace to it. :) Something I haven’t done yet but want to! The little trinket is a really cool idea, my daughter would love a little key added to her dresses I know. (And she requested a pocket on the dress I made and added to this linky but it never happened, lol)

  5. Melanie says

    I love that skirt! It’s Michael Miller fabric and it is on my kitchen windows….lol! I should have made a skirt instead!

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