Help! I need some fabric and paint advice!

Hey, friends! I need a little design advice from you! I've got an old bench in our entry way that I'm planning to paint and make a new cushion for. Can you help me choose my fabric and paint? There is no "theme" in that area of the house so just tell me your favorites! I can't decide. They're all so great.


All these fabrics are from the Home Decor Fabric section at Sew Fine Fabric on Etsy.

A. Embrace in Tangelo Slub
B. Embrace in Yellow Slub
C. Embrace in Aquarius Slub
D. Sydney in Aquarius Slub
E. Sydney in Storm Twill
F. Aruba Feliz in Blue
G. Small Dandelion in Corn Yellow
H. Chipper in Corn Yellow
I. Ikat Domino (in Chili Pepper)

So what do you think? Which fabric, which paint? Or would you use a different color paint??

Thank you to Sew Fine Fabric for supplying the fabric for my project!


  1. Lisa McGriff says

    I would leave the bench white. Paint the inside of each of the cubbies with paint #2. The cushion on top I would use fabric Small Dandelion in Corn Yellow. I would find some small polka dotted fabric in the same color as the #2 inside of cubbies to do piping on the cusion.

  2. says

    I would leave the pc in white…. I like D and 6. I just did some painting in my kitchen. Please jump over to tinkartist.blogspot and let me know what you think. Could use some ideas too!!! Want to do my cabinets, just not into it right now. Thanx and I love the fabrics that you have chosen!!!

  3. says

    I really like the idea that Lisa McGriff suggested above, but I am pretty partial to fabric H as well. My only concern about fabric H is that it has so much white on it, and with a house full of children, I’m wondering how long it will stay white! Good luck!

  4. Mary S. says

    I like fabric F with a White bench. I do like the idea of painting the interiors of the cubbies a different color — maybe a contrasting color on the color wheel — yellow or orange.

  5. Laura says

    I’d go with #6 for paint. Then you can change the fabric to just about anything should you change your mind later. As for fabric, they are all lovely but I think “I” would be fun.

  6. says

    I would say 6 and E then add your pops of color with pillows and basket liners. Have fun changing things up!! I am in that kind of mood myself.

  7. Diane says

    I love white on furniture but when i did that in an entry the thing looked completely beat up in 6 months thanks to kids, dog and hubby. I like paint 4 and fabric B for your cushion and then either A or F for the baskets and then you can do a pretty silver for Holidays!

  8. Tammy says

    paint the bench they grey color and then add the tangerine fabric for the pillow and I would use it to line teh baskets with as well or either keep teh bench white and make the cushion out of #E the storm twill color with basket lin er sout of the #A tangering colored fabric. Before you make any decision make sure these colors tie in with your existing color scheme. You would hate for it to stand out too much. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  9. Kristy says

    Personally I would love the number 2 paint with the fabric selection of H. Would be very fresh and the bench has a french country flare in design. Also, you could add flaps that attach from the front of the cushion that can tie with aloop to a small hook on the bottom of the chest if you really want touse those two buckets for mittens,hats etc…

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