Handmade Costumes: DIY Upside Down Person Tutorial

Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts has a brilliant costume idea! Perfect for when you need something quick and don't want to sew! This Upside Down Man tutorial is hilarious! Check out all the tutorials in the Handmade Costume Series.


Hi Everyone!!   I am Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts and I'm excited to be stopping by The Train to Crazy…
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I have 4 kiddos and love to craft and blog (obviously!) – - I feel like if I can do something, then you can too!!  Here's the family picture, Halloween-Costume style:


Today I have a quick idea for those of us that are super last-minute in coming up with a costume – - the Upside-Down Man!

This is great because it can be made with things you have around the house, and it's always a hit!
The tutorial is minimal because it's pretty self-explanatory.
–Grab some old discarded pants – bigger is better because you'll need a big booty area since your head will fill the space.  Try them on your head and cut a couple of small eye holes.  Wear shoes on your hands.
–Grab a long-sleeved shirt and put it on your legs.  Use safety pins to hold it up by pinning it to the pants (if you are in the costume you'll need help with this.
–Dig a ski hat and gloves out of your winter gear.  Safety pin the hat onto the shirt to be a head, and wear the gloves on your feet.
That's it!!  If you hop on one foot and wave your arms (which look like legs) it gives a crowd-pleasing break-dancing effect -so fun!

A few more easy costume ideas  - – I like easy :)

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Hope to see you over at www.SugarBeeCrafts.com!!


  1. says

    Quite honestly, I prefer homemade costumes than store-bought or rentals because for one, they fit way better and two they can be whatever you decide them to be. That’s the best part of it. I’d always go for homemade ones, although they take a lot of time but they are well worth the trouble.

  2. Maxine Corimski says

    I always made my children’s costumes until my son said, mom, can’t we just buy costumes like the other kids. That’s when it was time to put my crafty ideas aside and suck it up and buy what he wanted. One year it was a snowman made from a pillow case filled with newspaper and a mask made with a long construction paper nose.

    One year for my daughter it was a puppy made from brown grocery bags. The body had construction paper fringe attached and those nose on the mask was a decorated nose patter on a lunch bag attached to the face.

    One year my son was a robot made from a cardboard box. I panted it blue and silver and drew all types of gauges on it. A hole was cut at the top for his head. I thought it was really great. I think that’s the one that changed his mind. You know kids!

    I don’t have anymore great grand kids yet to force my patterns on. But one year I sewed my granddaughter a wizard of oz gingham dress with an eyelet apron attached. My daughter dyed a white dog black for toto and the basket toto was in was her treat basket. It looked great! I guess my daughter remembered homemade customers from her childhood and came home for help.