Handmade Costume Series: DIY “No David” Costume Tutorial

I love costumes based on children's books! Terra from Mama Says Sew is here with a No David! costume tutorial. Perfect for all those little guys in your life! 
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Hi there everyone! I'm Terra and I blog over at mama says
. This year for Halloween, all my children are dressing up as
book characters. David from the No David! books by David Shannon was
perfect for my little guy. David reminds me of him a little, which is
probably why I love these books so much. I don't know if I would have
liked them as a child {I was more the teacher's pet type}, but having
a little lovable guy like David has changed my

This is the outfit David wears. He's got red skinny jeans and a blue
and white striped shirt. I was telling my husband we could use the
jeans for regular clothes after Halloween and his response was "But
they're red."

This was not to hard to whip up. I used some red jeans that I picked
up at a thrift store for 50 cents and resized them to fit my little
man. Then I used freezer paper to add blue stripes to a white
David 2

We went out to take pictures, but this little guy wouldn't sit still
for long. Just like David.
David 3

Here's how I made it.
First, I used a pair of my son's pants to cut out the legs. I left the
outside seam intact. I also left plenty of room at the top. I also
used the original hem at the bottom.
I cut out the original pockets and sewed them back on.
Then I sewed up the inside seam on both legs {remember the outside
seam was already sewn}.
Turn one pant leg right side out and insert it into the other pant leg.
Sew the crotch seam. I like to use a double row of stitching in this area.
I zig zag stitched all the way around the top of the waist band. Then
I folded it over and stitched close to the edge in the back to make a
I inserted some elastic through the back and stitched the elastic in
place on both ends.
I sewed a faux fly which is really hard to see since it's red on red.
Then I pulled off the original belt loops with a seam ripper and
reattached them.
I started with a white t-shirt and cut three inch strips of freezer
paper, then ironed them on the shirt.
Then I painted away. This used way more paint than I was expecting. I
used almost a whole bottle of acrylic paint. The paint will seep
through, so make sure to have something in the middle of the shirt to
keep paint from seeping through to the other side.
Then pull off the freezer paper. I let the paint dry overnight, then
ran it through the wash to soften the paint up. A word of caution: the
shirt left blue residue all over the inside of my washing machine. It
wiped off easily, but if you're nervous, you might want to hand wash
Then I just added a brown belt to complete the outfit. Now if only I
can convince my husband to put him in those skinny jeans after
David 4


  1. says

    Awesome! They just read those books in my niece’s preschool class and they made an impression… she came home from school and said, “Aunt Laura, David is naughty… really naughty!”

  2. says

    I actually thought that this was a Waldo costume. Good one though, it looks cute! A simple one that really works for this upcoming Halloween celebration. THanks for the ideas!