Where has the summer gone?

I don't know about you but I feel like the summer has slipped between my fingers. How is tomorrow August already? It's not that I haven't been busy with pattern tours, guest blogging, more guest blogging, and still more and more. Or launching a pattern company. But really, where did it all go??

I'm still keeping busy. I've been working on my next pattern. If you folow along on instagram you've seen a few shots. I'll give you a peek too.


There's a lot of work left to do on the pattern. My goal is to make it appropriate for a beginner. That means not a lot of pieces, not a lot of tucks and darts. I also want this to be well fitting and cute, which don't always go together but I'll get there! You can expect this pattern with 2 bodice types and 2 lengths. Not as many options as the girl's Signature Dress but still enough you can make it your own and use it over and over. This is the goal anyway.

I'll be asking for pattern testers for sizes XS through XXL so send me an email with the subject "pattern tester" if you are interested. Include a link to photos of your work (a blog or flickr page) and a little bit of info about your sewing background and what size (approximately) you will test. I'm looking for beginners and experts!

We've also been doing a little pleasure sewing. My girls sewed a sock monkey.

Here they are choosing the eyes. They went with pink. 

We've spent a little time at a local little amusement park. I hate amusement parks but kids love them so I sacrifice.


We've spent time at the pool. And sewing by the pool.

There have also been days at the beach. Who cares about the beach when you can look at this though.


In sad news, a member of the family has been in the hospital for a little while.

Anyone have a Baby Lock? Her threading mechanism stopped working which is bad news when you're all automated. A definite downfall of technology. But I love her so much I wouldn't trade her. She'll be back in a week, hopefully. In the mean time I'm doing french seams and looking longingly at my pile of knit. YES, you can sew knit with a regular sewing machine but I have such a big To Do list so I'm just waiting until the serger returns.

The good news is Make It Wear It returns this Thursday so all those things you've been making can be linked up once again! Stop back Thursday for inspiration!

How has your summer been so far? 


  1. says

    My serger is in the hospital too. It didn’t survive our move – I probably should have given it a clean before we moved. It sounds like it’s jammed somewhere. So frustrating!
    Winter’s flying past here too, but I’m not too worried about that. Looking forward to seeing the new pattern!

  2. says

    oh yes summer is going by way too fast! my oldest is going to school this year and i am totally freaking out about it! i am way more nervous then he is:)
    is the pattern for us? i would love a good pattern for something i can wear. cannot wait to see what you come up with. oh and i got so many compliments on the girls outfits when we were on vacation. everyone wanted to know where i bought them and my little sweeties just bragged that momma made them. talk about feeling loved:)now i just need to buy more knit fabric, we have a lack of it up here in nh. any suggestions? where do you purchase yours? have a great day!

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