On summer and sewing

This is the last week of school for my kids. I'm very, very excited for the end of school. Very excited. I'm a little terrified of the actual summer but happy I won't have to make lunches every morning. 

I love the flexibility of summer but sometimes there is such a thing as too much time with a sibling. My oldest loves alone time. My second hates alone time. Hate might be too weak of a word. I'd say she's more terrified of alone time. 

That is why I'm thrilled I found this station rotation idea from Beneath My Heart so exciting. Stations? That's not alone time, that's alone time disguised as fun time! And nobody has to stay in the same place. Yay!!

This works perfect with my summer schedule. (did I say I like summer because it is flexible?) I have a 2 hour block in the afternoons for nap and alone time but now we'll call it nap and STATION ROTATION time! Yes!!

So about that schedule… Last year we made a Summer Fun list. I'm sure you've seen something similar. We were moderately successful. I really loved the idea of the list but when we couldn't get as many things done as we wanted to everyone was just upset. I won't be doing one again. This summer we're just making a rough schedule.

So here is our rough schedule:

<8:00—morning routine/my exercise & study time

8:00— breakfast & cleanup

9:00-1:00— outing (beach, art at the park, pool, etc)

1:00-3:00— naptime for the toddler and Station Rotation for everyone else

3:30-5:30— swim team/nightly showers

6:00— dinner & cleanup

7:00— story time (perhaps continuing our reading list)

7:30— bedtime!!!

Can't wait!! So what will we be doing for our Station Rotations for a 7,5 and 3 year old?

Station 1: Reading— the older two read alone, the younger one has reading lessons

Station 2: Learning worksheets or games

Station 3: Art & craft time

Station 4: Listening time (music, book on tape) or quiet play


And what will my station rotation time look like??? (other than learn to read time, laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc.) SEWING!! That's right friends. Station Rotation is my ticket to sewing time! And what will I be sewing? Dresses for me! I've got a pattern about ready to start sewing up. I'm not sure what I'll call it but I can't wait until I can start showing it off!

What are your summers like?


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    I love this! I’m going to steal this idea for the summer. I’ve been trying to work on encouraging the boys to play independently, and I think this will work. Thank you!

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