Adorable boutique clothing with a fabulous discount!!

I'm so pleased to have Stitch to Stitch as a sponsor here at The Train To Crazy! Have you gone over to see this gorgeous children's boutique yet? These handmade clothes are absolutely adorable! And who doesn't love adorable and handmade?

Amanda is the lovely owner and seamstress at Stitch to Stitch. I asked her a couple questions to get to know her a bit.

Me: Why do you do what you do? What makes your shop so special?

Amanda: I grew up watching my mom and grandmother take beautiful fabrics and transform them into gorgeous handmade items.  Shortly after I got married I finally got brave enough to try my hand it and found I loved to sew.  About five years ago I reached a point where I couldn’t sew without it triggering horrible headaches.  Thankfully, in 2009 we figured out what was causing the headaches – an abnormality called a Chairi Malformation.  All it took was a little brain surgery to relieve the headaches and give me the chance to sew again (as well as function as a human being)!

 My Etsy shop is my way of celebrating this second chance at life.  Every time I sit and finish a project I’m reminded of how fortunate I am.

Me: Wow, that is an amazing story!! Thanks so much for sharing. I've picked out some of my favorite items in your shop but there are so many great things!





Amazing, right?

The best news? The Train To Crazy readers can receive 15% off Etsy orders by using the coupon code “TRAIN15” upon checkout!!


You can find Stitch to Stitch in the following places:

EtsyFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest 


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