Guest Post: A fun flower craft for kids

I don't know about you, but I love flowers. Real or fake flowers. Either will do. Especially if they are from my kids! My oldest daughter loves making flowers out of tissue paper and I'm pretty sure this DIY coffee filter flower craft will be her new favorite way to make flowers. This would also be a great Mother's Day gift!
Welcome to Kate from A Creative Cookie! Thank you so much for stopping by to give us this quick, fun tutorial! Make sure you all stop by Kate's blog to say hello! She's a new blogger but she's been BUSY. Check out all her tutorials!
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Hi there The Train to Crazy readers!!! I'm Kate and I write over at my blog, A Creative Cookie.

Since mother's day is coming up super-duper soon, these flowers would be a great quick and easy craft for little ones (I did mine with a three-year-old) to make for their moms or grandmas.
Let's get started…

Coffee filters
Pipe cleaners/chenille stems
Washable markers (must be washable for the tie-dye look)
Spray bottle full of water
Beads (optional)

Step 1 to 4

Step 1: Color a design on your coffee filter. I found it works best if you add lots of ink to each part.
Step 2: Put it on top of newspaper, and spray it with water. The more you spray, the more the colors will mix.
Step 3: Lay outside to dry.
Step 4: Layer them (totally optional) and pierce the center with a pipe cleaner. Fold down the bit that is poking through so it won't slide off. (If you bead the stem, fold the end over the same way too.)
Fluff the flowers as much as you please!

Enjoy your flowers or give a bouquet to Grandma!

Thank you so much for having me! I would love it if you'd come on over and say hi or visit me on Facebook!

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