Project Run & Play Week Two

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Week two of Project Run & Play is here! It is Boy Week and I made "The Peddler". The outfit is completely inspired by Caps for Sale. Do you know that book? It is a favorite around here. I highly recommend it if you haven't read it.

The peddler 2

I made these gray wool pants with a soft ribbed waistband, fly, front pockets, back flap pockets, pieced knees and ribbed ankle bands (perfect for growing boys!).  Caps for sale outfit-6431

Caps for sale outfit-6390

Caps for sale outfit-6447

Caps for sale outfit-6319

The sweater is made from an adult sweater. I loved the stripe pattern and it is hard to find good sweater material. The burnt orange chevrons were sewn onto the sleeve to create a more modern, boy feel.

The Peddler collage 1

Caps for sale outfit-6411
The knees are peiced. I rotated the pattern so they would stand out a bit and double topstitched just like the pockets and inseams.

The peddler 3
Caps for sale outfit-6306
And the caps. OH THE CAPS! Yes, I made them all. I used the Little Cap pattern. They are in the traditional colors of the book. I added appliqu├ęs to most of them for added appeal. There are nine in total. NINE. What was I thinking? Imagine getting a three year old to sit still enough to keep them stacked upright.

Caps for sale outfit-6419

Caps for sale outfit-6350

Caps for sale outfit-6326
I happen to love the rolled ribbed cuff. This style would be especially great for quick growers and early walkers. 

Caps for sale outfit-6455
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  1. says

    Oh, you monkeys, you give me back those caps. A classic and a definite favorite around this house. I totally love the outfit. The pants are just darling. I’m so diggin’ the ribbed cuffs and the double top stitching is fabulous. And OMG, I can not believe you sewed all of those caps. Will you now be opening a Caps For Sale Etsy shop?

  2. says

    Oh my gosh this is so so cute! I love every single thing about this whole look! It’s all just perfect. The pants, the sweater, the caps! Those cap! And the photos are darling! Wow.

  3. says

    I cannot believe that you sewed 9 caps !!! You were very busy !
    I really like that you put a ribbed waist & ribbed cuffs on the pants ~ makes them so comfy & easy to pull on & off.

  4. kim says

    Coming over from PR&P to tell you how much I adore this outfit! Those pants are fantastic (I am a huge fan of the ribbed ankles, you’re right about them being perfect for early walkers and fast growers. I wish more pants had that look for the toddler set!). And the caps– oh, our family would have fun with them!! Nice work. :)

  5. says

    Great job! Every time we read this book I marvel at the color combination and wonder how to translate it into everyday life. You created a wonderful literal translation. Wow.

  6. says

    Andrea, this is so much fun!! I want to come play! And I love the outfit – the pants look super comfy and detailed all at the same time. Very nice!!

  7. Sarah says

    Love love love those pants. Great ideas with the long cuffs for little walkers. And those pockets – awesome!