Make It Wear It Thursday


It is Thanksgiving tomorrow in the United States. Assuming many of you will be enjoying family celebrations I'm posting Make It Wear It a day early. I can't wait to see what you've been making. Have you made any holiday clothes yet?

A quick update about the Messenger Bag Sew Along: All Keyka Lou. patterns are $5 right now! Go get some! I'm thinking my messenger bag needs a cute wallet or owl coin purse to go inside.

Last week's most viewed link was these awesome "boot snuggies" post from Paisley Boulevard. I've got just the sweater for this!

I'll be highlighting some of my favorites this weekend! I will only be highlight those posts that have linked back here so please do!


  1. says

    Thanks so much for the invite! I’m glad you like the onesie, and I’m glad you think my baby is adorable. I tend to agree :) But I’m biased, so it’s nice to hear it confirmed.

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