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The sewing book market seems to be exploding at the seams at the moment. Unfortunately, there are barely any patterns for boys in any of them! It's a shame! There are, however, a few out there that are worth mentioning.

 Sewing Clothes Kids Love is very popular right now. I've written about it several times, as have many other bloggers. I have yet to see anyone blog about the boy patterns. There are pants, shirts and a jacket that work for boys. The photos in the book look very "cool" and I think boys up to size 12 would enjoy them. Definitely worth checking out. Especially if you also have a girl to sew for. 

 Sewing for Boys: 24 Projects to Create a Handmade Wardrobe is coming out is September. This is written by the designers of Patterns by Figgy and, according to Amazon, will have patterns up to size 7. I know nothing about this book but it looks promising!

Kansi_fi Ottobre Design magazine is a great source for boy patterns. I have a few of these magazines and the clothes look fresh and well designed. Lots of knit shirts, jeans and pants. Search through the Ottobre site and buy just the back issue you like, or subscribe and receive 4 issues a year. There are 40 patterns for boys and girls in each issue but usually only a few go up to size 170 cm.

Do you know of any others?

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    That shirt in the pic from Ottobre Designs is adorable! I end up making my own patterns for my boys and doing a lot of upcycling of old T-shirts from my husband. It’s hard to find boy clothes already made in the store, much less find good patterns!
    By the way, I enjoy reading your blog so much that I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award at http://www.Tmuffin.com. Come check it out!

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    I have used Ottobre for boys. I also use Burda patterns for boys, both from their magazines and their envelope pattern. My Burda trouser pattern for children is my most used pattern ever. In their magazines, they sometimes feature children’s clothes designed by a RTW designer.
    Should you ever want to make boys trunks, I have published a free pattern and tutorial.

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