Cuffed Shorts

I have a new sponsor! Welcome Lily Bird Studio! I'm very excited to show off some of her great patterns!


I'm going to be doing a pattern review for the Cuffed Shorts.

You know what I'm excited about the most? Is it that the pattern is sized 12m through 8? Nope. It's this:

There is a zipper!! Yay! I'm seriously excited about trying out this pattern. Now I need to check out my stash to see which fabrics I'm going to use!

Check out Lily Bird Studios to see what other great patterns are available (at terrific prices, I might add).

Do you want to make a pair of Cuffed Shorts with me? Ready to tackle zippers?


  1. says

    Oh My Goodness!
    They are THE cutest, most handsome-est little boy shorts I’ve come across in AGES!
    I wont’ be joining you on your sewing adventure, but I’m sure I could ask my Mum to make some for the boys!

  2. says

    Does that mean you’re going to hold a sew-along? If so I’m in!!! I bought the pattern yesterday. I had already discovered Cecilia’s designs (in fact I’ve already bought 6 of her patterns so far), but I was scared of that zipper. Now that I’m sewing with you i feel more confident.

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