Make It Wear It

Did you check out the finalists for last week's Make It Wear It: Women's Fashion contest? So many great items. You are all so talented!

The Winner is The Snowball Skirt by Sugar Bee.

055 copySome of my favorite's from the general category:


IMG_0988At Second Street (and tutorial)

5372865633_bab859d51aThe Boy Trifecta (and pattern)

Now, what have you been making?? Link up below. The Contest category this week is ACCESSORIES. Link up any accessories you have made (no stores please) in the accessories section!




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    Sweet. thanks for the highlight. I love coming to your party. It’s so nice to only look through clothing ideas. I think I’ll add a few accessories since I haven’t been able to sew this week.

  2. says

    I’m afraid I’m completely incapable. I just linked three things to the general category that were supposed to be in the accessories one. Is there a way to change it? Should I just re-link?
    That little hat is adorable!

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