Merry Christmas from me

Christmas 100
Do you know how hard it is to photograph 4 kids when nobody can hold the baby and you want their clothes in the pic?

Yes, every item in the picture is me made, save the little red skirt in the middle.

On left:

Shirt & skirt designed by me. There is a lot of detail missing in the photo above. Shirt is a cotton interlock, skirt a cotton shirting. If you like this you can vote for it for Project Toddler Runway!Christmas 101

I'll get a better shirt detail soon…


Shirt pattern from this Japanese pattern book. The fabric is linen. 


Shirt is, of course, the Somerset Hoodie. Check back tomorrow for a SUPER ONE DAY sale from Mama Stellato. Fabric is a cotton interlock. The fit is fabulous, highly recommend the pattern. Very quick and no serger required.

The skirt is corduroy with inset plaid pleats. Adorable. Pattern is mine. You can see it a little better here.


I'm sure you recognize a 90 Minute shirt. It was the first time I've made one and, while I constructed it differently than the tutorial suggests, it was easy and took much less than 90 minutes. I like the contrast stitching so I did a little of my own on the bottom.

The pants are made from a cotton plaid shirting. My favorite part is the faux fly. He doesn't NEED it but it sure does add a little something to a pair of pants. There are pockets and cute cord knee patches as well. The pattern is mine.

So THERE! I completed Christmas outfits with weeks to spare! Now I'll let them take them off because long sleeves in nearly 90 degrees is uncomfortable.


  1. Sarah E. says

    Thanks for sharing! so very very cute!! Maybe i can be that brave next Christmas.
    And I have to really really thank you for posting that pic. I am pregnant with #4 right now… and it is a boy…. after 3 girls. I haven’t been following your blog that long and didn’t know that was your situation (or I forgot). And I’m scared! But this helps me, a lot. Just a picture. thanks.

  2. says

    Wow!! You are one ambitious lady!! I’m not sure I could pump out all those pieces just after having a baby, let alone with 3 others to deal with! You are truely amazing and the kids look great!

  3. Karen Gregory says

    Oh My Goodness!! I LOVE the ruffle bustle!! Could you please do a tutorial or quick explanation on how you constructed that? I will have to try it.
    All of the clothes are adorable! I so do not know how you find the time to do it–I’ve only got one and she doesn’t let me get anything done!
    I’d love it if you could blow some of the 90-degree weather my way (Missouri) too!

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