The little things

Green onesie 095
I made this long sleeve onesie for Jack before he was born. He was bigger than expected and has grown out of it. Oh well. It made a cute picture! 

To make this I used a short sleeve onesie and a long sleeve t-shirt as a pattern. Then I added the hand covers. It was a fairly easy project. Definitely worth a try if you've got some special knit fabric you want to see on your little one. I still have more of that fabric so I'm sure you'll see it again.

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  1. Sabine says

    The pictures of Jack are so incredibly cute… You gotta love that tuft of hair on his head!
    Very smart idea too, to add the hand covers to the sleeves.

  2. Quita says

    Do you have a sewing maching (or serger?) that does that double seam stich like the one around the neck and crotch binding? I am needing to upgrade both my sewing maching and serger…what ones do you have and how do I know if they can do that double stitch? Super cute by the way!

  3. Mariposa Azul says

    could you please give instruction or a pattern or how to make a pattern please. I will pay!! I don’t know how to sew very well, and would like to add hand covers, that and I have searched hours and hours and hours and found nothing for how to sew a baby onesie.

  4. says

    What is it with onesies and kids? They look so adorable in them! I have actually started to make them myself because of great it often turns out for my kid. Getting more ideas. :)

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