Little Lizard King Pattern Giveaway (CLOSED)

Are you ready for yet another sweet pattern giveaway? This is officially the last giveaway of Sewing for Baby month! 

Little Lizard King is giving one lucky reader TWO patterns. The patterns include the rights to sell what you make as well!

Can I suggest some patterns for you to buy?


I actually made a pair of these Fancy Pants (not this pair) and they are so cute! I have yet to photograph them but rest assured I'll be doing that shortly!


The Brooke Dress comes with a long sleeve or short sleeve option 


And how cute are these No Sew party hats?? Anyone have a birthday coming soon?

Reversible vest! 

And how cute is this?? Perfect for summer or layered over long sleeves for winter!

Contest Closed! Thanks to all who entered! Congratulations to Jocelyn!


  1. says

    One of our daughters was sitting on her Daddy’s lap while he was playing poker with the guys one night. When he started to feel something warm, he didn’t think much of it, until he stood up and realized she had pooped and it leaked out all over his lap and shirt. We had to put her straight in the sink and peel off her clothes before giving her a bath. So glad it was him and not me!

  2. says

    Oh my! I was drooling over all of it! If I had to choose two patterns, I would probably go with the twirly girly skirt and the Elizabeth Claire Peasant Dress (and then I’d buy the ruffle pants pattern, too). What adorable stuff!

  3. says

    Favorite newborn story: My first daughter came out head-first, just like she was supposed to, but as soon as her head was out, she shoved her right arm/shoulder out. She just couldn’t wait one more minute to have that arm free.

  4. says

    My girls looked exactly alike when they were born (18 months apart). It was so striking that I had a difficult time deciding on a name for my second daughter because she looked so much like my first, that her name was all that came to mind!

  5. says

    A birth story? Really? Are you ready for this??
    I had both my girls without drugs. Period. My second was actually a home birth! I’m not going to go all weird on you and call it an amazing spiritual experience. It wasn’t. It was hard, long, and it HURT! I had a water birth, which was really neat. Would I do it again? Maybe to a good strong possibility.

  6. says

    Not sure what you’re wanting in the way of stories….
    When my twins were fairly new, we had them in Sunday School with us. Emma started to cough and I turned her toward me just in time for her to puke EVERYWHERE. I clutched her to me and ran to the bathroom (she threw up again while I was running). It was so nasty – all over both of us, even in my eyelashes. Blech…..

  7. says

    Oh, what a tough choice!
    I would LOVE the Brooke dress or shirt pattern and the Elizabeth Clair Peasant dress. So cute!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. says

    Favourite newborn story … hm, well …
    When my first child, my daughter, was born I was at first pretty shocked. The midwife told me that she could already see the black hair! I thought she must be kidding me as my husband and I both have blonde hair. Noone in our families actually has black hair! But when she was born she did actually have black hair!!!! Totaly strange! She lost it during the first months of her life and the regrowing hair was like ours.
    Funnily my baby boy who was born last year had totally FAIR hair at birth … and still has it. Am wondering whether he will keep it.

  9. Pat says

    Gee, it’s hard to choose only 200 my next “wanna gets” are Ellen’s Ruffled Pinafore and Double Ruffle Knot Top and Love Me Knot Dress.

  10. says

    It’s so hard to pick which two I’d like! I’m going to have to start shopping and get some patterns! Hopefully I can win those first two though ;) I’d LOVE the Brooke Dress and the Elizabeth Claire Peasant Dress. It would look so cute on my little miss!

  11. says

    Let’s see……story about little miss….One that happened just last week that cracks everyone up is when we went shopping. We were at a store that had bows within her reach (pretty interesting since she’s not quite a year yet) but she started to pull them down and look at each one. At home I let her play near my fabric and ribbons and she likes to “dress up” wrapping things around her and looking at you as if to say “Ta-Da!”. I would clap my hands and look at miss Avery Lea and say “No Ma’am!” and she’d clap her hands right back and shake her head at me. Full of sass this one is! :)

  12. Kristin says

    My favorite newborn story is just the first time my little girl fell asleep with me on the bed.. she never lays still long enough to really cuddle with her, but this time she did, and I loved it!

  13. says

    Left an update on my facebook page, also posted info about the giveaway on my blog
    I also noticed my first story wasn’t a “newborn” story. So here is a newborn story about little miss. She was born Oct 2nd, my birthday is Oct 10th. I bragged all day that she was my early birthday gift and was so happy she was here healthy and happy last year. Well, by the end of the day I went to change her diaper and put her down for the night and I was telling her how sweet she had been to me for my birthday. What did she do? Oh yeah, projectile poop all over me. Happy birthday! :)

  14. says

    Favorite newborn story? Emma was born with VERY strong opinions about music. There was one song that always calmed her down – we called it the magic song – and it was written and recorded by a friend of ours from college. We emailed him to tell him, and he wrote back and told us that she was born on his birthday!

  15. Sarah E. says

    how do you choose? I love the garden party dress pattern and the brooke dress, and the fancy pants, and the birthday hat, and the double ruffle knot top…. and…. etc etc. :)

  16. Gabby says

    Wow! A little something for everyone. I love the Elizabeth Claire peasant dress (it looks like something I could actually make:) and boys would look adorable in the reversible vest.

  17. Diana Hood says

    When my little guy was born in April my mom came to stay with us for a week to help out. Every time she wore her blue jeans while holding Micah he somehow managed to pee all over her pants, sometimes his diaper wouldn’t even be wet. By the time she went back home he had peed on her 8 times in the first week and a half of his life!

  18. valerie says

    Ummm…Someone stole my daughters knot dress. LOL. I made a knot dress for my daughter using the exact same fabric combo minus the apron. That was a strange feeling scrolling down to find it staring back at me. Great minds think alike! I love everything pictured!

  19. Sabine says

    Very nice and joyful patterns – thank you for introducing them! It’s a tough choice, but when limited to two, I’d say the “Double Ruffle Knot Top” and “Peek-a-boo skirt” are my favorites.
    Thank you for organizing this give-away!

  20. eleanor says

    Thes are the cutest patterns. The two I love and know I will make are SMALL FRY NECKTIE and FANCY PANTS DIAPER COVER. I know my Ella and her three brothers would look great in these.

  21. says

    I wonder if a 7 month old counts as a newborn?… Well, I just had my thyroid removed a week ago due to finding out I had cancer. I walked in the door from the hospital to my little guy sitting on the floor. He looked up at me, smiled his big toothless grin, drool dripping off of his cute chin, and then he leaned forward onto his hands and CRAWLED to me!!! It was his first time and boy, did it make me smile! It was such a sweet thing to come home to! :)

  22. says

    LOVE the fancy pants diaper cover, how cute is that?! LOVE the birthday party hat! I think I would make those just to hand out to anyone that comes to visit at my house… they’re just so cute!

  23. says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win your luscious patterns. I would love to have the Ellen’s Ruffled Pinafore and Lauren’s Little Dress if I win. Fingers crossed …

  24. Kelli K says

    They are all so nice that it’s hard to decide. :-) I would choose the Prep School Pleated Skirt and the Elizabeth Claire Peasant dress.

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