Little booties

A couple months ago I made a pair of booties for my baby. They turned out really cute but the process of making them was a bit tricky. Last week I tried out a new bootie pattern and let me tell you, these are easy. Easy and cute!

Lena's Patterns sent me the Flower Power Booties pattern. 

Il_430xN.168109029I, of course, am having a baby boy so I opted not to put ribbon on the top of my boots. First, I started out making a set of these.

Booties 073 (1)
I made them from fleece and lined them with flannel. Yes, I used Handmade Therapy's booties as a reference for adding this strap and button. 

Booties 074 (1)
 Then I made these denim booties.

Booties 074
Booties 075 (1)
I considered adding some red stripes on the side, but decided against it. Maybe next pair. 

Booties 076
All in all, this pair took less than an hour to sew


  1. Jenny Hull says

    I love the flower power boots! I have a boy so the ribbon wouldn’t work but the shape of the bootie is great!

  2. says

    I love love love all of the girlie ballerina shoes and the sandels–so cute. BUT I am hoping for a boy this time around so I would have to say the booties are super doooper cute!!!

  3. says

    My daughter and I love the children’s kimono shoes. She came up next to me to see what I was looking at and put one arm around me and we both pointed at the same time to those. If we don’t win, we’ll probably end up buying them.
    And then she launches into why she needs new ballet shoes because of what is happening with her toes and her knee, but she meant heel…

  4. says

    So many cute patterns! I have a baby boy too and I kept coming back to the flower power boots that you made – don’t they look so cute with the cuff rolled down?

  5. says

    The Kimono are my favorite. I had an idea just like that in my mind that I haven’t gotten around to desiging myself. So, that would save me some time.

  6. says

    This is really tough to just pick one pattern. I would have to say my favorite is the Ballerina shoes, but the kimono & poppy shoes are a very close second & third!

  7. Paula L. says

    They are all lovely but my favorite is the Tulip Baby Loafers Easy Sewing Pattern.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  8. Linda Meziere says

    I love the Baby Flower Power Boots. (I also really like the Kimono shoes, Asian Shoes and Woman’s shoes!)