Diaper & Wipes Carrier

What parent doesn't need a small case to hold a couple diapers and wipes? I'm sure I do! Noodles & Milk sent me her Diaper & Wipes Case with Strap pattern to test. Let me just tell you how easy this pattern is! I think I cut out the fabric and sewed this up in about an hour. Now I have a perfectly functional carrier that I can toss in a purse,

Diaper carrier 074  

strap to the stroller 

Diaper carrier 079
or just carry around

Diaper carrier 073
It was great for the airplane. Perfect size to keep in a carry on.  

I made a few changes. The pattern calls for a snap on the strap. I didn't have one on hand so I used velcro. I also changed how the strap is attached. It's a very small change. I think I prefer how the pattern is written rather than my variation.

Noodles & Milk also sells other patterns for little girls and parent accessories.

Noodles and milk collage
For the entire month of September, you can get $1 off each pattern at the Noodles & Milk Etsy shop! Just mention The Train To Crazy when you check out and you'll receive your discount as a refund! 

Could you use a diaper & wipes carrier?


  1. says

    I love how this can strap to a stroller, so convenient. I definitely could’ve used this with my kiddos! Thanks for your comment on my blog, Andrea. Hope you and your family are doing well.

  2. says

    I find it fascinating. These didn’t start making an appearance until my children were past the diaper stage – now I seldom see the big clunky diaper bags!!

  3. Esther says

    Will it fit cloth diapers, or only disposables? I would love to buy one from you, if you can find the time to make another one.

  4. says

    What kind of velcro did you use? Just curious, since I have had some conversations about using the sticky velcro, and it jamming/gumming up the sewing machine needle…
    any help would be appreciated! :)