Diaper & Wipes Carrier

What parent doesn't need a small case to hold a couple diapers and wipes? I'm sure I do! Noodles & Milk sent me her Diaper & Wipes Case with Strap pattern to test. Let me just tell you how easy this pattern is! I think I cut out the fabric and sewed this up in about an hour. Now I have a perfectly functional carrier that I can toss in a purse,

Diaper carrier 074  

strap to the stroller 

Diaper carrier 079
or just carry around

Diaper carrier 073
It was great for the airplane. Perfect size to keep in a carry on.  

I made a few changes. The pattern calls for a snap on the strap. I didn't have one on hand so I used velcro. I also changed how the strap is attached. It's a very small change. I think I prefer how the pattern is written rather than my variation.

Noodles & Milk also sells other patterns for little girls and parent accessories.

Noodles and milk collage
For the entire month of September, you can get $1 off each pattern at the Noodles & Milk Etsy shop! Just mention The Train To Crazy when you check out and you'll receive your discount as a refund! 

Could you use a diaper & wipes carrier?


  1. says

    I love how this can strap to a stroller, so convenient. I definitely could’ve used this with my kiddos! Thanks for your comment on my blog, Andrea. Hope you and your family are doing well.

  2. Esther says

    Will it fit cloth diapers, or only disposables? I would love to buy one from you, if you can find the time to make another one.

  3. says

    What kind of velcro did you use? Just curious, since I have had some conversations about using the sticky velcro, and it jamming/gumming up the sewing machine needle…
    any help would be appreciated! :)

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