Baby Kimono Top Tutorial: Guest Post

Have you met Narelle from Cook Clean Craft? She's dropping by today to add a little sewing fun to Sewing For Baby month. Thanks for helping out Narelle!

Over at her blog, you can find her sewing up incredibly cute little clothes:

Teaching you how to make a box pleat:

Giving tips on how to clean as you go (so very helpful).

And she's always full of great looking recipes. Don't you want some of these Apple Cinnamon Pancakes?


Hello! When searching for an outfit to make for a friend's baby, I came across a very cute baby kimono pattern at the Martha Stewart website. I loved putting kimono-style rompers on my son when he was a bub as you don't have to worry about pulling anything over his head (which was always a challenge). However, there were a few comments complaining that it was difficult to follow the instructions on the Martha Stewart tutorial. So, I thought I'd put together a detailed photo-tutorial of my own. Also, I decided to use buttons for the closure at the front rather than ribbons (which just seem too fiddly for me when you're dealing with a squirmy or screaming baby!) 

Head on over to Cook Clean Craft for the full tutorial for this Kimono top

Thanks Narelle! The top is adorable and this is such a great tutorial!


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