Make It Wear It

Welcome to the blog party where you get to find inspiration and show off what you've made to be worn!  Also, go check out what people are making with their stash for the DeStash Challenge! I'm loving The Sew Convert's tunic.

Here are some of my favorites from last week (though everything was great so go back and check them out!)

Ella dress collageFree size 2-3 Ella Dress pattern from Living With Punks

IMG_2300Nancy's Couture shows you how to make this Garden Party Dress  

Ruffle-shirt-bday-bucket-038-300x232Just Sew Sassy shows you how to make your own super cue ruffle shirt. 

ShoesI'm More Than "Just a Mom" painted her shoes! 

Can I make a request? Can you all start sewing more for boys so I can get some inspirations? Thanks, that would be great =)

If you've been featured, feel free to grab a button

So what have you been making that you can wear?? 

The Rules: 

1. Click on "add your link" below. Enter your item information. You can even add a picture now! Please link to the actual blog post that includes your project so it is easy for people to find! 

2. Pretty please link back here IN your blog post. You can grab the button if you want.

make it wear it

3. Go check out the others who are linking! Have fun and get inspired! Leave comments because everyone loves comments!


  1. says

    I realllllly need to start sewing for Wednesday again, I have been selfish lol. I made a camo-denim drawstring backpack recently but we only know one little boy to sew for. But I’ll share ‘em as I sew em lol.

  2. says

    Yes! More for the boys. I am not only sewing for my boys, I just found out my BF is preggo with a boy. Although I had been dreaming of cute ruffle butt bloomers in itty bitty sizes, I have been lovin’ the boy stuff lately. I decided to post a girl outfit this week. Next time more for boy!

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