Reader Questions: Where do you buy cheap fabric in Boston?

A few of you have asked me where I buy discounted fabric in Boston. The short answer is: I don't anymore! But, I used to! There are a few stores that are worth a look.

Sewfisticated has two locations. I've only been to the one in Somerville (on the Cambridge line). I really like this store. It is clean, bright, and mostly dust free. There is a great selection of home decor fabric, silks, polyester knits, African fabrics and lots of cotton. I've found some great designer fabrics for $2.99 there. There is also quite a large selection of wool suiting.

Sew Low Discount Fabric is in Cambridge about 3 blocks from Sewfisticated. It is easy to go to both stores on the same outing. This store is definitely cramped and dusty though it is worth a look around. I found this swimsuit fabric for $2/yard and it is the same stuff found at JoAnn Fabric for $12.99 (regular price of course). If you are into making men's underwear there are hundreds of underwear band options, which I found amusing. 

Winmil Fabric is in Chinatown in Boston. Like any discount fabric store, you won't find the best customer service and the selection may be hit or miss but the prices are good. Oh, and a cat lives there, which seems extremely odd for a fabric store.

Do you have discount fabric stores near you?



  1. Chrissy says

    Thank you! I live in Boston and just came across Sewifistication, but they were closed. :-( Thanks for reminding me to go!

  2. Karen L. says

    It is so hard to find good fabric stores around Boston. Thanks for the recommendations! I happened to go to both stores last week. About Sewfisticated, when I was there the employees were complaining to each other about getting mysterious bug bites. So be careful! Do you have any other store suggestions?

  3. jeri says

    Hi there, I have a collection of leftover handmade and vintage fabric remnants. I don’t want to be self serving on a blog, but I do want to help those looking to upcycle good materials. I grew up in a family owned shop in Providence that provided these wares to the student community. Now the shop is gone, like so many of these other good stores listed above. It’s sad, knowing firsthand how it goes. How do I reach out to those who appreciate good fabrics? Sorry to ask this on a blog, but I just have some interesting things some creative minds might like? They need to go to a good home.

  4. Colette says

    In Dorchester there is the Stich house they only carry Amy Buttler but they carry the whole line and on the South Shore in Whitman I beleive is Safftlers they have a good selection of apparel fabric.

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