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make it wear it

Welcome to the blog party where you can see all things made to be worn! Thanks for joining us. Did you get a chance to see last week's entries? There was a lot of great inspirations! I've been busy around here as well. After sewing my first little baby boy hoodie and booties last week I sewed my first little boy pants. Then, so I don't focus too much on just the baby clothes, I moved on to starting my oldest daughter's kindergarten wardrobe. I'd really like to make all of her school clothes this year. We'll see how close I get to reaching that goal.

As always, I had a difficult time picking out just a few items from last week to highlight. Here are a few of my favorites.

Make it wear it collage 10
1. Handy Pants has a fabric bracelet tutorial. Love the button.

2. Mich L. in L.A. made these cute flower hair spirals. 

3. Sneezerville refashioned this cute shirt. 

4. The Path Less Traveled Market used beautiful fabric for this cute skirt.

So what have you made this week that you can wear? Please share your creations that you've made to be worn!

The Rules:

1. Click on "add your link" below. Enter your item information. You can even add a picture now! Please link to the actual blog post that includes your project so it is easy for people to find!

2. Pretty please link back here IN your blog post. You can grab the button if you want.

make it wear it 

3. Go check out the others who are linking! Have fun and get inspired! Leave comments because everyone loves comments! 


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    Hi Andrea! Thanks for the heads up on your party over here. I’m also working on making most of my daughter’s kindergarten wardrobe for next year; our daughters must be very close in age. Love your blog!

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