(not so) subliminal messages




  1. says

    Woo Hoo!!! Congratulations!!! What a fun way to spread the news… If he’s actually born on his due date….what a fun birthday!!!

  2. Megan T says

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I kept waiting for the punchline when I saw it on facebook…you can be so sneaky!

  3. Laurie C says

    Congratulations Andrea! Bill will have advice for the lad – he has five older sisters!

  4. El says

    Yay, Libras are nice and calm. At least the ones I know. Shanon’s b-day is 10/9 :)

  5. Shanea says

    Awesome, boys are so much fun! I can look forward to some boy sewing projects in the not so near future :)