Sometimes you read things and must pass them on…

Scribbit wants you to evaluate if you are you raising a narcissist. All I have to say is READ THIS. She is so spot on! All parents should take a close look at their parenting. Want to know if you are a narcissist? Take this great quiz.

It's Almost Naptime nails the topic of designer babies. I'll give this 5 stars.

And, just for fun, what does your favorite color say about what career would suit you best? Let's just say this quiz said I should do exactly what I do. Well, what I did prior to staying at home with the kiddos.

The ad space giveaway ends tomorrow!


  1. says

    I’ll go have a look. Thanks for sharing :)
    Book recommendation for you that I’m reading now and can’t put down Dr. Laura’s “In Praise of the Stay-At-Home Mom”. I think you’d like it ;o)

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