Nasty viruses and new computers

I hope you haven't gotten this nasty virus going around. It lasts for days and days and days. Not just that but it has forced me to do somewhere between 20-30 loads of laundry in the last 7 days. Probably closer to 30. And I'm not done yet. But things are starting to look up. I'm hoping we're past it now.
But in better news, I have a new computer on the way! It will, hopefully be in my hands by next week sometime!! Now that's worth cheering about.
And just for fun, don't you love static?
Nast viruses and new computers


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    That picture is a riot! Yay on your new computer coming! Don’t you just love getting new gadgets?
    We’re lovin’ the birthday shirt I ordered from you. I’m gonna get one for our son too.
    Speaking of laundry, I hope you guys never get head lice :( EEEEK! My daughter had it this month and I had so much laundry I collapsed in a pile of it and started bawling. To which my husband sacked it all up, took it to the laundry mat and had it done in 2.5 hours. I think it was 15 loads. I love him, I love him :)

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    Hope you are all feeling much better soon! It’s terrible when you are all sick together :(
    And a new puuuuuuter??? (That’s how Owen pronounces it) That IS exciting! What did you order?
    Thank you for the birthday wishes by the way :)

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