Reworking the reader. Again.

I mentioned a while back, somewhere, that I had reorganized my google reader and weeded out the blogs I don't read, or don't need to read. Well, the time has come to do it again. Don't worry, yours is still there. I cut some that I didn't think I'd cut though. Like Soule Mama. It doesn't really add anything to my life and we aren't friends so she's gone. I won't tell you who else I cut. But there were a lot of popular ones that I no longer feel connected with.

And while I think everyone should narrow down their reader, here are a few you should add if you don't have them already.

Be "The Hands and Feet" is amazing. I know many of you read Katie Davis' blog but Renee lives in Uganda as well and works reviving children suffering from severe malnutrition. Hours away from death she takes them into her home, feeds them every 15 minutes/24 hours a day if necessary and also teaches their parents about nutrition so that they can go back to their parents and thrive. Now THAT is something I can get behind! 

And are you reading Donald Miller's blog? While not every post is for you (unless you are a writer), he does have some EXCELLENT content. Really. Like his new project to change the world. I mean, THAT is something I can get behind! Of course, I still laugh thinking about his celebrity Amazon wish list.

And, while I'm on the subject of Donald Miller. I have a confession to make. I never finished Blue Like Jazz
. I started off loving it, and then lost it. Literally. I had to pay $15 to the public library system, which I wasn't too happy about. I should have bought it off Amazon in the first place and saved myself a few bucks.

Of course you might already be reading this, but We Are That Family has been doing an excellent series on marriage (literally opening up their wounded souls to the world) and today she is heading to Kenya with Compassion International so I am looking forward to some gut wrenching, thought provoking posts coming soon.

And, because you can't read only thought provoking material, you must read Mama Sass because she's hilarious. And, I shouldn't say she isn't thought provoking because she IS! They'll just be thoughts of your crazy teen years and the awful jeans you wore or she'll make you think of all the stupid things you hate about facebook. You'll laugh anyway.

So there you have it! How do you decide which blogs to read?


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    I revise my reader constantly and, like you, surpising deleted some popular ones. I deleted some who post 4 times a day as it was taking up so much time going thru them all. I tend to lean towards blogs that make me laugh, teach me something, and inspire me. Hey, that’s you! Now, to go check out your recommended blogs :)

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    I, too, have deleted some of the popular ones. I just don’t feel the connection with them as I do with the smaller ones where we comment back and forth to one another.

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    1. Friends, but only ones with happy, inspiring, uplifting blogs.
    2. Blog friends, under those same conditions, one that I somehow feel a “connection” to.
    3. A few popular ones, but they must honor God, and not be a time waster.
    4. Almost anything crafty that I can borrow ideas from, but only ones that showcase things I’ll actually make instead of ones that make me think, “maybe one day I’ll have time to do that.”
    As you know, I’m making efforts to be intentional and that includes my time on the computer!

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    i am constantly having to edit the reader.
    when I skip over a person several times…i know it is time to delete them. if not it gets out of control!

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    I so need to weed through mine, too! I’m actually really glad you posted this because I haven’t done it partially because I feel guilty, but I don’t know why…the ones I want to cull don’t read my blog to my knowledge and aren’t adding anything to my day, so why guilt? I don’t know. Thanks for the nudge!

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    I tend to read the ones where I feel a connection with.. barring only a few, I tend to avoid the “big ones” b/c I feel like my comments mean nothing to them. If I am going to take the time to read and comment, then I want it to be b/c I am building a relationship, not a statistic for their advertising campaign.

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    Okay, time to comment again before I get deleted…. ;o)
    BTW…I TRIED to comment a while ago on one of your thought provoking posts (maybe even one where you asked why no one was commenting…), but I couldn’t! I don’t know if it was your site, my computer, or some other crazy cyber reason that it wouldn’t go through. Just thought you would want to know.
    We are THAT Family is one of the only “popular” blogs I read. She’s great.

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    I add and cull all the time! And like you, and most of your friendly commentors thus far, I have become very bored with the big name blogs. I feel they were much better when they were smaller.
    What I am finding hard at the moment is the culling of the facebook friend list!

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