The Mirror: a story

She sat back at the end of the day, fixated at herself in the mirror. The tired eyes didn't tell the story at all. When she looked deep she could see so much more than that. 

A tear formed as she noticed the way she had responded to frustration earlier in the day. She could see that she had been quick to become angry. It was obvious she had yelled when she should have taken a deep breath and collected herself.

Though as ashamed of those moments as she was, it was nothing compared to the smaller, sneakier things. The way she snapped at the kids because the cars were all over the house, again. The time she closed the drawers just a little too hard because the "scissors aren't where they are supposed to be." The time she said "just stop crying, you're NOT hurt!." The moment the little one's behavior screamed "I need a hug" and her behavior screamed "I'm busy." Those little moments she would have forgotten if she were not looking into the mirror.

Could she take it all back? Would tomorrow be better? Would her teaching words be able to make up for her actions? A deep weight settled in. Could she ever be good enough? 

So she watched the mirror, well, mirrors, reenact what they had been taught. They ways they had been shown to handle their anger and frustration. The way they'd been taught to ignore one another's request for compassion and love. The way they'd been taught to be unforgiving and resentful. And then something beautiful happened. The mirrors hugged and said, "I love you." And just then she remembered all the good and beautiful things she had done. The ways she had shown love and forgiveness and self control. And she remembered that she was forgiven, in a way she could never forgive. 

The oldest mirror ran up and hugged her. Little hands reaching around her neck. And she knew, she knew that tomorrow was another day. Another day to show love and self control and to make up for the things she hadn't gotten quite right today. Another day to make new mistakes. Another day to learn and grow and find peace within herself. 

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    Thank God for new days and His mercies that are new every morning! I can’t tell you how often I’ve felt as you described (although I couldn’t put it into words as beautifully as you did!)

  2. says

    Truly humbling and very appropriate for me right now. I am a Mom and third grade teacher. So, I do see an abundance of mirrors in my life daily. Praise the Lord that they are sooooo forgiving. I think that is why HE loves when we display childlike faith.

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    oh my that’s such a beautiful analogy- even though it presents us with the realization that the mirror(s) might reflect our worst qualities, they might reflect our best. Something to try to do. thanks

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