The kindergarten countdown

My baby will begin kindergarten this fall. Okay, my oldest baby, but she's still my baby. To the average person that is months and months away. To me, that is SO soon! There is so much to do! So many outfits to sew. I'm no LiEr so I have to start early. As a side note, did you notice she sewed 18 items of clothing and a backpack last week? Okay, someone get that lady a nap.

I'm thinking of making a few pieces really great (in my head) pieces. This is what I'm thinking so far.

This is from one of my Japanese sewing books. I just so happen to have some fabric that is nearly identical to the one in the photo. Lucky me!

IMG_4139And I'm going to attempt some pants as well. I have lots of different options for corduroy and bottom weights and denim. We'll just have to see what I come up with!

I've been collecting catalog photos of little items I love. I love this dress from Mini Boden. I'm thinking this fabric would look awesome as this dress. Of course, it will need to be lined. And I'm thinking a green or navy ribbon around the middle would be awesome. 

And these pieces caught my eye too. No fabric for inspiration yet though.

Of course, I have a bunch of other ideas and inspiration I'm tossing around in my head. I have a bunch of knit I want to do something with. 

I know a lot of you sew to be frugal. I wouldn't say that was my intention. I just love it. I'm not thinking I'll save money (because if you count the cost of my machines, really, who am I kidding?). And, my kids like wearing things I've made. Icing on the cake.  

So, let's start the countdown: 6 months, 0 items sewn.


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    I’m not the only one who keeps Mini Boden catalogs/pictures! I get some of my applique ideas from them, and I love the dresses too. I’m really enjoying making my own patterns from pictures. And I usually don’t save money because it never works out right the first time!
    I’m looking forward to see what you make!

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress from Mini Boden! And it cracks me up that you are stressed about the start of Kindergarten because you want to sew clothes. :)
    (I’ve never heard of them before, better go see if I can get their catalogue)

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    I am officially jealous! I hope to become so good at sewing someday that I can look at a picture in a magazine and make what I see. (I can barely put things together with patterns at this point!) I’ll keep practicing and watching your progress, keeping my drool at bay. :-)

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    You are going to be busy, and your little girl will be well dressed! :) Are you aware of Children’s Corner pattern? I like them, and have made a couple of outfits from their patterns.. They even have online help videos.

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    You must be my long lost sister! You do the exact same thing as me but of course I tend to run out of time to get all the outfits I wished to get created.
    I’m working on Easter/spring dresses for the girls as well as a few ties for my youngest son at this moment.
    If you are anywhere near the twin cites, MN you should join me and 3 other ladies from sewingmama for a sewing gathering at my church next week Friday. One of the women wanted to learn how to read and sew the patterns from Ottobre so we will be working together on that plus just hanging out, snacking, and chatting.
    Love the mini boden dress as well with contrasting ribbon, would be adorable!

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