Make it, Wear it!

Thanks for joining along for another week of Make it, Wear it where you can show off what you've made!

Here's a little taste of last week.

S6307359.JPGJamee Homemaker used bleach to customize these shirts for her kids. Stop on by her blog to see her kids wearing the finished product!

And this little flower on the cardigan from Le Monde d Erika is irresistible.

Fleur rose
 And The Mother Huddle shows us how to use an old t-shirt to make a waistband on a skirt.

 Now, what have you made this week? Here are the rules!

1. Click on "You are next" below. Enter your project's description in the title field and the URL to the specific blog post in the URL field.

2. Pretty please link back here in your blog post. You can grab the button if you want.

make it wear it

3. Go check out the others who are linking! Have fun and get inspired! Leave comments because everyone loves comments!



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