A neck warmer and a new link up PARTY!

UPDATE: Don't forget that the Clothing Sew Along starts today!!

It is no surprise that it is cold here in Boston. Really cold. Colder than I like. Thankfully we have modern gear and can be toasty warm without the bulk of the 1990's puffer jacket. You know what I'm talking about. You had one. Perhaps you still have one… At any rate, this new technology is lovely. 

I like scarves too. But for kids, scarves are annoyances. They fall off, they drag on the ground, they drive them crazy. The problem is, scarves serve a very good purpose. Neck warmth. 

Enter the neck warmer!IMG_3715 It keeps you warm without adding bulk and it won't fall off!  Now, you could go out and spend $15 on one of these or you could take a square piece of fleece (this one is about 13 X 13 inches), sew right sides together along one edge and then turn the open ends under and sew. Voila! A neck warmer in 5 minutes for way less than $15. You could use an even smaller piece of fleece if you wanted. This one is rather "tall" so it can be pulled up over the chin and mouth when it is really cold and windy.

For a child size, use a piece of fleece that is about 10.5 square. 

And did someone mention a party? Why, yes, I did! Starting next Thursday I'm taking the plunge and hosting Make it, Wear it. I'm creating a link-up for exclusively things made to wear. This can include clothing, accessories, shoes, anything that you can wear. I suppose you can even wear a handbag. So, drop on by next Thursday and link up!

And feel free to grab this button to display on your blog to spread the word!

make it wear it

See you Monday for the Clothing Sew Along! I'm so excited!

In completely unrelated news, I just bought the OK to Wake! Children's Alarm Clock and Nightlight and I'm hoping it is going to change my life. I'll keep you posted.

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