The little issue of Santa

Do your kids believe in Santa? Check out why we never told Naomi that Santa sneaks into our house on Christmas Eve.




(If you could see Daphne's face you'd know she was freaked out too) 



Even though she is nearly 5 she is still terrified of Santa. She really held it together. I know she tried really hard. I love the contrast of Daphne's face. Priceless. And check out Maggie!



  1. Erin says

    Our Santa pictures are very similar. I’m just excited that this year I didn’t have to be in the picture too, just to get all 3 girls in it.

  2. Maria says

    We don’t do Santa. Steve’s family never got presents from Santa so that’s why. I will miss it a little but we really want the focus to be on Christ, not the presents. We still buy the girls a few gifts, they just aren’t from Santa. I saw a great suggestion for a tradition I am thinking of starting (can’t remember where, maybe on Simple Mom). Place a plain empty manger or cradle under your Christmas tree. Everyday add a little “hay” (raffia was suggested) then on Christmas morning place a simple baby doll in the manger. This is to remind us that the real gift of Christmas is Jesus.

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