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So, I think I've collected the majority of the stocking stuffers I'm giving the girls. Simple things like a little wooden spoon, some wiki stix (but the generic cheap $1 ones), an ugly scarf I found for 50 cents, you know, good stuff. This isn't random stuff but "stuff" they'll actually love and use. 4CUBE_PUZZLES_1109 I've been eyeing a few cute things over at Land of Nod. These "All Mixed Up Stacking Puzzles" are SO cute! And right now Land of Nod has free shipping on all their stocking stuffers. So, if you could, be a doll and head on over there. Just be sure you click the link on the left! Or, if you've already planned out what you are getting your kids but really want a cute little play kitchen are some super fun bedding for your little one, just Create a Gift Registry for Baby at The Land of Nod

So, while we are trying to make sure our Christmas isn't focused on the receiving end of things, we are still giving our girls a few gift and a stocking. If you narrow the number of gifts down, it really forces you to think more about each purchase. I think we've decided on 4 gifts. Probably. One outfit (I'm making them), one stuffed animal (also homemade), one book and one toy. I think we can stick to this. I think. We don't have a great track record in this department, however. 

And, since my girls don't know what the word "blog" is, and they never surf the web, I think I'll divulge some of my gifts ahead of time!

The 4 "and a half" year old:

The Book: Dr. Suess Beginner books set. Like 10 books in one for about $10 from Costco. Can't beat it.

The outfit: can you say plaid?

The stuffed animal: either an elephant or maybe Molly Monkey. Can't decide. She IS super cute. And I could give her a matching plaid outfit… hmmm….

The 3 year old:

The Book: Where the Sidewalk Ends 30th Anniversary Edition: Poems and Drawings  Did you ever read this as a kid? I LOVED it. I know most of the poems are a bit above a 3 year old's head but she just loves poems and rhymes right now. In fact, she also loves to mimic- in rhyme. So, if you say "let's go" she says "mets ko". You get the picture. Constantly. It is actually humorous and if she's going to mimic I'll take the rhyming mimic any day.

Outfit: more plaid, but different.

The stuffed animal: more of the same.

The not so baby, baby:

The book: a Lift-the-Flap Board Book  I love lift the flap books. So much more interaction and fun. But, they have to be the sturdy board book variety or those flaps don't last as long as they should… at least around here.

The outfit: more plaid. Oh, she is going to be so cute!

The stuffed animal: seriously torn. Leaning toward the elephant for ease but that monkey is too cute.

The toy: We have a tradition of giving the girls a puzzle of their name. They love them so the not so baby will be getting her own this year.

Notice I left off the toy part for the older girls? I really don't know! No idea. I was thinking about this awesome calendar at One Step Ahead. The price was throwing me off. In fact, I've been eyeing it for months, and months. But that 3 year old, the one with the internal alarm clock of steel, has a really difficult time grasping the concept of "last week" and "yesterday" and lots of other related words. So, after hearing a friend of mine may be getting this my jealousy took over and now I am considering it again. And while we are on the topic of ridiculously cute and expensive wall hangings. How about this one? And this idea is amazing, but probably ridiculously easy to make yourself.

Anther idea I had was to make them some doll diapers and clothes. BUT, that sounds like more work. And let's be honest. IT IS THE END OF NOVEMBER. Sorry for the shouting, but I think I'd better get sewing!

Now, that's enough procrastinating. Tomorrow night I'll actually get some of this done. Probably.

What are you doing for gifts this year? any great ideas?


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    I LOVE Where the Sidewalk Ends. Still.
    I’m trying to find a good ‘art’ station. Not an easel, more like a table that the paper rolls onto, with storage beneath. There is one at One Step Ahead I love, but it’s a little expensive, I may see if Brian can actually build it.

  2. says

    I love that you’re giving books! My husband and I don’t have children, but we only buy books for the nieces and nephews. I have great fun picking them out, and their parents have all told us they appreciate it, since the kids have way more toys than they need already.

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