Come on, say hello. It’s about dessert.

Alright, I know that there are A LOT more readers out there that have never commented on my blog. I thought I'd give you a chance to comment. I'm throwing you a softball. Really, it's an easy question, but you have to answer! 

So here is the question. What holiday dessert do you absolutely love? And don't say you don't like any because that can't possibly be true. It doesn't even need to be a real holiday dessert but maybe just something that you have on holidays.

Now here is my answer. It is quick and easy.

Chocolate peanut butter balls. Oh my goodness these are so good you really must make them this year.   Img_6210Please forgive me for tempting you if you have peanut allergies in your house. And trust me when I say that even though this picture might look good, the first bite is 10 times better than the picture looks and the second bite is even better than that. My mom always makes these around Christmas and we line up around the block to get them. I've made them the past few years and I'm sure we'll be making some more this year. And trust me when I say this recipe is 100% better than any other peanut butter ball recipe you'll find out there. Trust me on this one. 

And here is the new Christmas treat I'll be attempting this year. 

Peppermint barkImg13m Yes, I'm hoping with all my hope that it tastes just like this. Because this, my dear friends, is just how I imagine heaven would taste. Probably. We were given a box of this one time and we didn't open it and even considered giving it away because we aren't really peppermint people. Is that a type of people? Anyway, we decided to taste it before passing it on and OH MY. Needless to say the price is a bit inhibitive so I'm going to try to make this heavenly goodness. I'll let you know how it goes.

So, back to you. What treats do you like during the holidays?


  1. says

    There is not much in the world that is better tasting than Williams-Sonoma peppermint bark! I love that stuff! My favorite “dessert” this time of year is flavored coffees and hot chocolates. I don’t drink them much in the warmer months so it’s a treat for me when it’s cold. Oh, and those Oreo truffle things…I make those a lot this time of year. You’ve succeeded in making me hungry.

  2. says

    I comment every once in a while! A favorite of mine that I haven’t had for a long time (because it’s kind of time-intensive to make) is pumpkin cream cheese roll. (And, I have a newborn right now so I’m doubting it’s going to get made any time soon. But I can dream…) I don’t even have a specific recipe, although this one looks good:
    And I absolutely have to have some of my mom’s homemade apple pie every Thanksgiving.

  3. Nola says

    I love your peanut butter balls! Again… I miss you here in Seattle! The recipe you picked is the same one I’ve used for the past few years for peppermint bark. It’s been great every time. So yummy. Enjoy!

  4. says

    I’ve made peppermint bark 2 years now, the first time dark & white chocolate, and last year just white. I had a hard time with the dark chocolate turning kind of dry looking…but it tastes SO good.
    And I made your pb balls last year. They are amazing. Can’t wait to make them (to give away – ahem) this year!

  5. says

    Peanut Butter Balls are one of my very favourite Christmassy things to eat. My mother in law makes them every year and they are delicious! It just wouldn’t be Christmas without them :)
    My other favourite thing for Christmas is homemade pavlova with a dash of whipped cream and fresh fruit on top… Oh my goodness… It is the middle of summer over here in Australia for Christmas, so a cool, light dessert goes down a treat! My Aunt makes the best pavlova ever :)
    I also love love love a good Christmas fruit cake, complete with the thick layer of icing and delicate festive decorations on top. Maybe it’s a bit of an older people’s favourite, but it’s one of mine too :)

  6. Sarah says

    i’m going to make your PB balls with the kids for our church bakesale next sunday! sounds delicious and easy. my favorite holiday dessert is actually a drink. it’s a korean malted sweet rice drink that takes 2 days to make. my grandmother used to make it every New Years but now she’s too old to do it and so our family orders it. it’s always been a part of my holiday memories growing up. one day, i’ll learn to do it myself!

  7. Maria says

    My mom used to make PB balls when I was little but we can’t find the recipe now. I’m going to try yours. Our favorite Christmas dessert are my Ritz cracker cookies.
    Spread peanut butter (creamy really works best) between 2 Ritz crackers. Then dip that sandwich in melted chocolate bark to coat. Let cool. That’s it. and these are always a hit. :)

  8. says

    I LOVE dessert! This holiday I want to make the cake on the cover of Fine Cooking…OH MY!! Your peanut butter balls look divine! Must make those too!

  9. says

    You know, my mama used to make those simple little peanut butter blossoms every Christmas, and I am still a sucker for those. A lot of it, I’m sure, is nostalgia, but goodness I love them.

  10. d'Linda Laird says

    I think that caramel oat bars might beat out peanut butter balls Andrea. They are so easy to make and take no time at all.

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