To leave or not to leave (the house)

I've been having a bit of a discussion on facebook about how often different people leave the house with their kids during the day. You know, on those days when it is just you and the kids. It seems like most people average leaving the house about once a day. Of course, some people prefer not to leave and others prefer not to stay home. Some even leave the house 3 or more times during the day.

I lean more toward the once a day side. I'm a home body so it doesn't bother me (usually) to stay in the whole day if we have to. I really hate feeling like we have too many things scheduled. I try not to plan more than 1 trip a day whether it is a play date, lesson, mom's group, or a trip to the park (we have no yard). Other than that we like to do things around here. 

I am really interested in hearing how the other side lives. Here are my reasons for liking to stick around the house more; 

  •  We read more and do more learning activities.
  •  It takes a lot of work getting out of the house!
  • I like the kids to nap in their beds, as much as possible.
  • We can stick to our routines when we stay home more.
  • We eat out less.
  • The girls play REALLY well together at home.

Keeping these things in mind, here are the reasons I like to go out;

  • Change of scenery
  • Playing outside is fun
  • Seeing friends is tons of fun
  • Exercise
  • Seeing something new, learning something

These are the reasons I hate going out;

  • Shopping, for anything. I'm not a mall girl and I'm not a fan of 3 kids in the grocery store. We do it, but I'd rather not!
  • Running errands. Getting everyone in and out of the car multiple times is just torturous. Which may be odd because the kids don't mind and are really well behaved. 

So, how often do you get out of the house? Where do you go? Do you get out more to do stuff for you or stuff for the kids? More shopping and seeing your friends or more parks and beaches? Do you schedule things or just go with the flow? It is really intriguing me how different we all are.


  1. says

    When I first had Emma, I took her out nearly every day and we would stay out for most of the day. We lived in the UK where they have nice nursing rooms, and our apartment was tiny (360 square feet), so I would have gone crazy staying in. Since she was so small I did things I was interested in – wandering the city and shops. We packed lunches most of the time. We moved back to the US when Emma was 9 months old and I switched to taking her out about once a day. We did about 2/3 play dates and 1/3 errands/shopping/things I was interested in.
    With two kids (and a third due today, technically, but obviously not here since I’m rambling on your blog) I try to get at least two, ideally three play dates per week where the mom comes along so I see a friend too (alternating my house and the friend’s house). Then we go on walks, play in our yard, and go to the library and a small children’s museum we have a membership at or a local farm. We have a decent-sized house (1500 square feet) and a nice yard, so staying home is much more attractive.
    I avoid shopping alone with the kids because I don’t enjoy it and they don’t either. We go about once a week, usually on Saturday when DH can come along and watch the kids or I can go by myself. My kids don’t do well with more than one car outing per day most of the time – they hate the car, it ruins nap time, they get cranky, etc. So I started out going out all the time, but now I’ve switched over to your style.

  2. Joanna says

    I am definitely on the home body side of things. We try to get out, even for a walk around the block, each day…but are perfectly content to not leave the house a few days a week. Most of our outings are to help Grant get some energy out of his system, so we go for a walk or to the park. He is at a difficult age/stage for errands and shopping, so I often wait until the weekends when we can go as a family or I can slip away on my own. Grant plays GREAT at home by himself, thrives on routine and needs his nap time. We also save a lot of money by staying close to home. I do get restless at times, but I think that’s probably a normal stay-at-home mom feeling.

  3. says

    We hardly ever leave, especially since Brian takes the car a lot and we’re a little stranded. Which is ok. If we need to get out, there is a park, grocery store and lots of retail within walking distance.
    We do make a point of doing Stroller Strides about 2-3 times per week, so that keeps us from getting too stir crazy.
    When we do leave, I make it a point to get as many things done as possible on one trip. It is rare we go out twice – usually only happens if I forget something vital.

  4. says

    In the summer, we go out a lot. We go for lots of walks to check on the fruit trees in our neighbourhood and to look at the various animals and reptiles living near us. We play in fields and parks a lot through the summer too. I’d guess we’re out at least half of our waking hours through the summer.
    In the winter though, we hole up. We go to the grocery store once a week to get provisions we haven’t managed to provide ourselves through canning, etc. We read a lot, the kids too. Lots of art projects happen in the winter. Lots of crafts. Lots of friends who come to us. (We are carless by choice.) And we homeschool, so we do a lot of more bookish learning through the chilly months.

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