Creating something, anything. O.K. Not anything.

I love creating things. More accurately, I like sewing {some} things, I love taking pictures, I like cooking and love baking. The common denominator in these activities {besides "creating"} is TIME. This I don't have a ton of, or if I do I feel more like resting. I've been cooking and baking a bit more lately though. I have a laundry list of things I want to make. Well, let's not use the word "laundry" because that sounds like drudgery. 

I've been loving Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. I can't say enough good things about this book. I've loved almost every recipe I've used so far. I REALLY need a good pizza peel though. Any ideas about where to get one? I'm still kicking myself for not picking one up at the Business Costco before I moved.

We made Heidi Swanson's Baked Doughnuts yesterday. Very good for baked. They took about as much time as making bread. We didn't have any cinnamon {how does that happen?} so we covered them in powdered sugar. Pretty good but I bet cinnamon and sugar would be better. I'm hoping to make the black bean brownies soon. Oh, and these too.

I made some hamburger buns this week as well. Very good. I think I'll try this recipe next time to see if it is as good. 

I'm definitely going to try making these thin mint cookies soon. 

I'm continuing my quest to find good mac n cheese. Alton Brown had a promising stove top creamy mac n cheese recipe that had exceptionally high reviews. Naomi first said she really liked it but then didn't eat much. Daphne had one bite. Hmmm… I wasn't that pleased with it either {but I'm not much of a mac n cheese girl}. I'm going to try this one next, and then this one. If these don't work I'm resorting to food coloring (which I'm trying to avoid considering the point of making it yourself is avoiding these things). What kind of cheese do you use? I hear that half cheddar, half jack is the creamiest. 

I'm in the middle of creating my duckling costumes. By "in the middle" I mean, I bought the fabric. 

Next up I'm making Arthur this lunch bag. But manlier. Any ideas?

Then I'm going to finish a few half sewn girlie clothes. Then I'm on to the shirt dress, Spring Ruffle Top, Child's Sleeveless Top which I'm hoping to make more like this, and a couple of these for the girls' water bottles would be great, some Produce Bags would be handy, and of course I should really make some of these labels.

And someday I'll make this sock monkey or finish the stuffed elephants I have planned for the girls that are from this book.

O.K. Maybe I won't get it all done, but I should dust off the sewing machine. 


  1. says

    Do you want me to pick up a peel at the Business Costco & ship it? I’m there at least every other week.
    I have a great recipe for chocolate chip cookies with chickpeas (garbanzos). I should send it to you to put on your list. HA!

  2. Cyn says

    Yeah, I’m all into the bread machine right now. People are so impressed I make hamburger buns — I don’t think it’s any harder than making a special trip to the store with Bug . . .

  3. ab.grace says

    You make me tired just reading that post!! I would love to do half of that!! :) I too have wanted to try the black bean brownies, have you made them yet? How were they? I just found your blog tonight… very good reading! AB

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