MY kitchen essentials

As any good story does, mine had some foreshadowing. I posted last July about what I would find absolutely necessary in a small kitchen. Well, well, well. As I mentioned, this kitchen came "furnished" with the rest of the house. Unfortunately that meant plates, bowls, cups, glasses, a tiny mixing bowl, a tiny sauce pan, a 1 quart pan, a 10 inch skillet, silverware, terrible knives, a spatula and a can opener. OH, don't forget that casserole pan and our ONE dish towel! Of course, I thought ahead and brought some of my essentials with me. So, out of my essential list I made in July, here is what I have.

1. dishes
3. silverware
4. set of glasses
7. onion chopper
14. vita mix
14. food processor (what was with two number 14's?
15. toaster
16. knives (but they are FAR from acceptable
17. kitchenaid mixer 
22. the pizza stone. None of the rest including any baking dishes!!!
24. juice pitcher
30. bulk food storage containers
Honorable mention: ice cream scoop and pizza cutter

I am painfully aware of the missing items. Can I tell you how long it took me to make fajitas in my one 10 inch skillet with terrible knives and a TINY glass cutting board? Too long, that is how long. So the question is, can I survive like this for the next 6 months or should I break down and buy some of my essentials? Here's what I'm thinking.

Knives. I need good knives.
Cutting board. I need a good wood cutting board.
Large skillet. A must.
Bread pans, 8X8 pan… musts!
Measuring cups. A definite must have.
Mixing bowls. Who can live without those?
Cookie sheets.
Storage containers. What am I supposed to do with my fajitas left over??
A spoonula.
Dish towels.

Now I'm off to find my positive hat. Where did I put that? I know I saw it somewhere… What couldn't you live without in your kitchen? 


  1. says

    I love my jellyroll pan. I use it for cookies, brownies, and I just broiled some strip steak on it. Good multitasker!
    I also love my handheld blender – good for quick smoothies, shakes, blending soups and of course, baby food.
    Hope your kitchen (and home) feels more homey soon!

  2. Sarah Lim says

    Good knives are a must!! And a good assortment of good knives, even better. I couldn’t live without my large chef’s knife, a small paring knife, and a cheese knife(the kind with “holes” along the blade)-it doubles as a serrated knife for cutting bread and it cuts into cheese and butter easily. Also a good non-skid cutting board. And I can’t live without my Le Creuset dutch oven and pots. Really pricey but so versatile for sauteing, braising, making soups, baking and can go straight from the oven/stovetop to table and look great. NOT very portable though, as they weigh a ton! But a great investment, I think :) Hope things feel settled really, really soon!

  3. says

    I totally agree about Le Creuset dutch ovens. I have 2. Not here of course. I also have their grill pan and press and love them. Knives, I definitely want a good set. Ours (the ones we own that aren’t here) aren’t good but not great. At some point I want to get a new set.

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