Hats off to Single Mothers and Military Wives

I just competed a few weeks of being husbandless and let me tell you, I don't know how those of you who do this on an every day basis stay sane!  O.K. it honestly got much better once Daphne stopped going through her raging twos and settled down but it still was very tiring!  My friend, Liz, has her husband home on R & R right now from Iraq.  Since he has been in the military for the past 4ish years she has been alone with the kids more often than not and I am surprised she is sane.  Hats off to you Liz! 

The crazy truth is, it wasn't all that bad.  I REALLY missed my husband and it drove me nuts at the end of the day not to get a little break or to just hang out on the couch chatting about nothing.  He hates when I say this, but the house has been cleaner.  I'm not sure exactly WHY this is but I have my suspicions.  It might have to do with me being up more hours in the day.  Arthur thinks I just cleaned more.  I'm not as convinced.  At any rate, I am ecstatic to have my husband home again and hope we don't have to be separated anytime soon.


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    My house is much cleaner when my husband is out of town, hmm…
    I would take a messier house over a husbandless one any day, I agree with you – hats off to military and single moms!