Two Weeks!

Wow, Maggie is 2 weeks old! So, what is it like having a newborn, a two year old and a three year old? Busy, tiring, stinky! Thankfully Maggie is a sleepy baby and rarely cries if she is awake. Naomi and Daphne are great big sisters. Naomi likes seeing Maggie and rubbing her hair. She has no interest in holding her still though. Daphne is much more enthusiastic about showing her affection toward Maggie. She cries if Maggie is sleeping and she can’t go visit her. She wants to be looking at her and touching her every moment that Maggie is awake. Don’t call her a big sister though because for some reason she doesn’t think Maggie is her sister, no matter how much we talk about it.

I realized today that since Maggie sleeps or eats most of the time she’s only been laying down on a blanket a couple moments in her life. We took the opportunity to let her do a little tummy time tonight and the girls enjoyed being able to lay next to her. Much to our surprise, Maggie rolled over! I’m sure it is a fluke but we have to laugh because Daphne didn’t roll over once until she was EIGHT months old! Naomi started rolling all over the place at 10 weeks but 13 days seems a bit early. We had noticed the past few days on the changing table that she rolls onto her side so I’m wondering if she’ll be able to figure out how to roll over again anytime soon. We’ll see. It just shows that every kid is so different! It is impossible to compare these milestones because all of our kids are totally “normal”, they just accomplished different things at different times.

Here is some of the fun we’ve been having with Maggie.








  1. Anya says

    You guys are such a sweet family! Your girls are all so beautiful – so sweet how they are checking out their new sister! :)

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