Cute, easy corduroy pants

Burda9678bd022 These pants were very easy. I’d never used a Burda pattern but it wasn’t bad. These pants only have 2 pieces of pattern and no zipper, which is great for me. Just a bit of elastic in the waist band and a bit of fabric and you’ll have some great pants. I’d never made pants before so chose a pattern that would take minimal effort. I was right, this was quick and easy. The only alteration I’d make is to shorten the rise in the front. The great thing about the pattern is that it has sizes 2 to 7 so should last us a while.

UPDATE: I made another pair of these pants. You can see them here.

Check out my Flat Front Pants Tutorial!

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  1. Sarah Lim says

    just 2 pieces? i’m going to try it!! i saw naomi wearing the brown dress you made and it is so cute on her! i want to make one for my niece for christmas. where did you get that fabric? do you have an online site you buy from that you can recommend? hope maggie is sleeping for you at night as well as she is during the day!

  2. says

    Sarah- I got the fabric at Joann Fabrics. They have a decent selection of fine whale cord.
    Maggie sleeps well at night too. I haven’t had any time to sew since she was born though!

  3. Sarah Lim says

    hmmm, i was at joann’s tonight and didn’t see it. they’re having their moonlight madness sale this week so most of their fabrics are pretty cheap so I stocked up :)

  4. says

    Found you through Sew Mama Sew. I have that pattern and was planning on making the top, but I love the pants you made! Maybe I’ll just make those instead. Thanks for posting this pattern in the pattern recommendation comments.

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